Man breaches Corona virus lockdown and is killed by a crocodile in Rwanda

Man breaches Corona virus lockdown and is killed by a crocodile in Rwand
Man breaches Corona virus lockdown and is killed by a crocodile in Rwand

At the moment, the Rwandan government has ordered everyone to remain under lockdown to reduce the rapid spread of the deadly Corona virus. Although this is the current state in Rwanda, reporters say a man defiled the country’s lockdown policy. Unfortunately, he has been killed by a crocodile. A local Rwandan official says the man refused to stay indoors as advised by the government. He decided to go fishing, where a crocodile ate him. The incident took place on Wednesday as per news outlets.

The man is Irrespective to the law

Maybe if the man had followed the outlaid order, he would be alive. At the moment, more than twelve million Rwandan citizens have obeyed the lockdown order, since Sunday to help curb the spread of Covid-19.  So far, the virus has infected at least forty people in Rwanda, but there is no recorded death case.

According to the Southern Kamonyi district mayor, Alice Kayitesi, the accident happened at the Nyabarongo River on Wednesday morning. She says the man did break the lockdown rule, and he was among the minority who are not cooperating with the stay-home law to curb the virus. So far, the authorities have not released the victims’ name or age

As per the latest news, in East Africa, Rwanda has reported the most cases of the Corona virus infection but with zero deaths. The Rwanda health ministry says those who have Covid-19 symptoms are isolated, and some are in stable condition. Leave alone the few cases of those who are not following the lockdown rule, most of Rwandan, as well as residents, have played their part well, and that helps much.

Shutting down of economic activities

The lockdown policy has led to the closure of all economic activities in Rwanda. The closure of these activities has affected many, including the low- income earners. Maybe we should not blame the man as he was going fishing to get food. The government has shut all unnecessary businesses, travel between towns is forbidden, all borders closed, and pointless movements outside residential areas are unauthorized.

The government of Rwanda only allows movement for merchandise or shipments to the country. Returning citizens who should pass through the tests first or fourteen-day quarantine will also be allowed. Furthermore, the Rwandan government has promised to assist those who are struggling with day to day life in the course of the severe measures.


According to the latest news, other African countries continue to record Covid-19 cases. South Africa leading with at least four hundred cases, followed by Egypt. As per the World Health Organization, Algeria is third-placed, and then it follows Morocco, Burkina Faso, and Senegal.

Following the spread of this deadly Corona virus, we should observe the outlaid health measures, including the lockdown rule.  Other rules to ensure you are safe are, social distancing, wash your hands often with soap and water, or you use sanitizers to kill the virus. The bottom line here is we should not panic as we can, and we will manage to fight the pandemic, but only if we all follow the rules.