Man Arrested For Sneaking Girlfriend to Mpumalanga in Car Boot


A man was arrested on Friday at a roadblock. He supposedly was trying to smuggle his girlfriend from Gauteng to Mpumalanga in his car boot. Seems like this national lockdown has driven south Africans to desperate measures. They are finding ways to dodge the regulations stated by the government.

Gauteng Community Safety MEC Faith Mazibuko said that law authorization officials stopped the man at a barricade and requested that he open the boot. As a result of which they found a lady stowing away inside.

Man attempts to smuggle girlfriend to Mpumalanga in his car boot

The two lovebirds were attempting to get into Mpumalanga on Friday night. In any case, the driver didn’t have a license to pass through provinces. At the point when halted at the barricade, police led a normal inquiry of the vehicle.

They weren’t hoping to discover a lot, however, finding another individual in the boot came as a surprise. Fortunately, the Gauteng lady had agreed to be smuggled, and it was nothing more than a “vehicle boot-y call”.

Recorded video of the incident

In a video going around on WhatsApp, police can be heard laughing at the incidence, as the humiliated lady steps out of the boot and puts on her shoes. A man is heard saying, “Are you okay? Are you well here?”

The man, supposedly a police officer mentions human trafficking and suggesting arrest for the driver. According to Mazibuko. Both the woman and the man were captured after she admitted to giving consent to be smuggled.

Any kind of smuggling is considered illegal

At these detours, especially between provinces, health officials will screen individuals, and police will guarantee movement is confined. Limitations prohibit fundamental administration staff, for example, medical staff, crisis administration authorities, service delivery personnel, and police. There will be no cross-border trips throughout the lockdown period. This is an exception for basic products and cargo.

In spite of the fact that human smuggling is essentially illegal, that is a fact. Gauteng MEC Mazibuko likewise used this occurrence to clarify that you can be captured for moving alcoholic drinks, as well. A man got with containers of brew in his vehicle was kept throughout the end of the week by police in Mpumalanga. As indicated by an amendment of regulation 8 in the National Disaster Act:

“The transportation of liquor is prohibited, except where alcohol is required for industries producing soap, hand sanitizer, industrial use, disinfectants, and household cleaning products.”



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