Malawi’s Opposition Chief Now President; Lazarus Chakwera


Malawi Presidential Election

Lazarus Chakwera, marks history by being Malawi’s president after a postulated re-run of the elections. This was after Chakwera complained the previous elections held in May 2019 were tampered with and the results to be incorrect.  This was after protests by thousands of Malawi citizens following the swearing in of the then alleged president Mutharika. On February 2020, the constitutional court of Malawi ordered a re-run in the elections. 13 months later after a re-election, the opposition leader is crowned the new president of the country.

Lazarus Chakwera adds onto the list of African presidents, on the opposition team to challenge a presidential election conducted with fraud. Not only just becoming an opposition leader, but also adding victory. It is very uncommon for African leaders especially on the opposition side to go against his incumbent and emerge a winner. This is in light of the most recent scenario in Kenya in 2017. He further expressed his gratitude to the almighty for the triumph. Moreover, Lazarus Chakwera becomes the first opposition leader to democratically win an election after going for a re-election.

About Lazarus Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera was born in the year 1955 April. He also served as a Pentecostal leader and lecturer before joining the politics. He served as the Malawi congress party (MCP) president. MCP was the largest opposition party then and has been since the year 2013.

Chakwera first contested for the presidential seat back in 2014 against Mutharika. He lost to Mutharika who had 36.4%. A larger percentage than his 27.8% of the votes that he managed to scoop. During this time, the then president was in support of Chakwera’s leadership. Even now. She still offered support to the opposition leader during the campaigns for his presidency. He was also the president of Malawi Assemblies of God for a period of close to 24 years since the year of 1989.

Chakwera has a beautiful family. His wife Monica Chakwera together with her now reigning president of Malawi are has four children and even grandchildren. He had two elder brothers but they passed on at infancy stage. As the surviving child of his father, he was named Lazarus, following the biblical character in the bible. And to no avail, his name has played a great significance as he has risen to become the president in a rerun of the elections.

Malawi’s future

Chakwera envisions Malawi to be economically stable. To achieve the goals,, certain adjustments have to take place. Adequate measures is in place to steer the country’s agricultural sector forward. He describes his win as an achievement to democracy and looks forward to uniting the Malawians and put an end to injustices and corruption. Hence promote law and fairness in the country.

Alongside his vice president Saulos Chilima an economist, who later joined the world of politics. Chilima is famous for his high intolerance for corruption. Malawi is now in safe hands and much better leadership to steer its growth.






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