Major Projects That Will Give Kenya an Edge Globally

Nothing is more significant to a country than witnessing it come up with Major Projects. In the recent past, most African countries have chosen to embrace manufacturing and construction as their core development agendas. In the same breath, Kenya has taken significant strides in boosting its economy through multi-billion undertakings. Let’s take a look at some of the top projects Kenya is currently focusing on building before 2030.

  1. The Kenya-Uganda  Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) projects

Linking East Africa through transport is an integral endeavor Africans can not afford to ignore. Achieving this would arguably be one of the best ways to snowball bi-lateral relations and trade.

For years, East African leaders have been in constant discussions on the best route to take as far as bolstering transport network is of concern. And in October 2014, Africa witnessed the launch of the Kenya-Uganda SGR project.

The Kenya-Uganda SGR project aims at improving the ease of conducting trade between these two states. The railway is targeting to run from Mombasa through Nairobi to Naivasha, then to Malaba and eventually to Kampala. As of the end of January 2020, the Mombasa-Naivasha phase will be complete, the stretch covering 753KM.

Ugandan Government is to take up from  Naivasha and ensure the rail reaches Uganda’s capital, Kampala. Nonetheless, there are high chances Rwanda and Burundi will absorb this project and extend the SGR to their countries.

  1. Konza Technology City Projects

One of the most striking and fascinating projects in Kenya will be the completion of Konza Technology City. This is a flagship project of Kenya’s economic development portfolio to the world.

The project will be a world-class technological city with residential units, shopping malls, industries, etc. The idea behind it seeks to highlight the essence of ICT, reliable infrastructure, and credible governance systems in Kenya and beyond.

On Completion, Konza Technology City will attract different industries and universities from all over the globe. Nevertheless, the pilots of the project state institutions in the IT field will have the upper hand in securing spaces in the agenda plans. This undertaking is estimated to cost about $14.5 billion and will sit on over 2000 hectares of land in the Kiambu county, Kenya.

  1. The Lapsset Corridor Program

The Lapsset is the extension of the SGR railway project. Its role is to enhance the docking of mega-ships along Kenya’s Indian Ocean and boost transport. The plan’s core agenda aims at constructing a modern 32-berth port in Lamu.

Also, various interregional roads, a crude oil pipeline, multipurpose dam along the Tana River are within the Lapsset program. Further, the plan will also feature three resort cities to boost tourism. The project estimates to use up to about $24 billion. Its funding will come partly from the Chinese government, and Kenya will source the rest of the money internally.  Once the Lapsset corridor completes, Kenya will have over 5000 additional jobs for its citizens.

  1. The Pinnacle Tower

The Pinnacle Tower is one of the most promising projects across the continent. This ultramodern skyscraper is expected to be the tallest building in Africa and may be completed by 2021.

This edifice will rise to over 314 meters and feature 70 floors in the outskirts of the capital Nairobi in Upper Hill. The building will have furnished apartments, a helipad, a 3-floor luxury mall, spars, shops, and offices. It will also host a 5-star hotel that is likely to occupy 45 stories. The cost of constructing the Pinnacle Tower is around $200 million. The funds will come from two Dubai investors, White Lotus and Hass Petroleum.   

The beauty of these projects will arguably be seen once they are complete. In this light, the Kenyan government ought to commit itself immensely. Whereas much of the funding will come externally, Kenya should put in more effort into its tax collection strategies and fight corruption.



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