Libya Marks a Year of Fighting as Fear of The Worst Arise.

Libya marks a year of fighting as fear of the worst arise.
Libya marks a year of fighting as fear of the worst arise.

While the world is grieving about the Coronavirus pandemic, Libya records a year of bloody conflicts, and it is getting worse day after day. According to the reporters, countries like Turkey, Russia as well as the United Arab Emirates fueled the fight in Libya. As a result, more than a hundred people are dead, and over one hundred and fifty thousand displaced.

Besides, medical experts have warned Libya as they are more vulnerable to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, most of the public health workers have escaped the country due to the ongoing chaos. At the moment, the health officers are worried to die of the pandemic amid the conflicts. Its common sense, they have no option but to seek safer places, desperate Europe- bound migrants.

Devastation of Libya

Libya records one year of continuous conflicts as they speculate several failed ceasefires to come. Jalel Harchaoui, an analyst of the Clingendael Institute based in the Hague Netherlands, says right now Libya is experiencing a total decimation. Ghassan Salame, a member of the United Nations, resigned in early March because of health reasons. As per the news, Salame did what he could to try and restore order in the country, but all was in vain.

Additionally, in January, a Berlin pinnacle saw some foreign players together with Ankara and Moscow engage in Libya undertaking to support a truce.  Ten days later, Salame reports a continuous influx of foreign arms as well as mercenaries. He also denounced violations of overseas weapons. At the moment, Recep Erdogan, the Turkish president has openly donated military gears alongside with fighters to GNA

Fight against terrorists and criminals

Haftar claims that the campaign is against terrorism and criminals.

Meanwhile, Russia, United Arab Emirates, as well as Egypt, support the claim. So far, Haftar forces have failed to take Tripoli as the Erdogan`s government has increased its presence and influence. Furthermore, three months ago Erdogan sent around hundred of Turkish fighters to battle Haftar forces who were reinforced by Russian mercenaries.

Wolfram Lacher, a member of the German Institute for International and Security affair, says there is an existential battle where military groups from west of Libya are fighting the Haftar forces. He also says that the Haftar forces are notorious and are determined to get revenge against the whole community. At the moment, the fear of war is over the troops fighting against the Haftar army. Recently, fighting is intense despite the pledged strategies outlaid by the United Nations as well as internal calls for a humanitarian truce.


Pro- Haftar forces have shuttered Libya major oil fields, and production has come to a standstill. It is not a good move, though; if that is the case, the country will not attain political solutions as alleged. In my opinion, this is the time to unite but not fight against each other. The Libya government should come together and outlay the necessary measures to end this war and concentrate on minimizing the rapid spread of the Coronavirus.



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