Libya And Mali Record First Cases; South Africa Spike Continues.

Libya And Mali Record First Cases; South Africa Spike Continues.
Libya and Mali

Coronavirus originated from China in the Wuhan province in 2019. The cases spread to almost all nations across the world. The World Health Organization declared the disease being pandemic and Tedros, the chief of WHO gets concerned about countries that have weak health systems. Libya and Mali record first cases as South Africa cases continue to rise.

COVID19 is a family of viruses that cut across from common flu to SARS and MERS corona viruses. The cases in China have reduced, and the country is to lift the Wuhan lockdown next month.

Africa Updates On COVID19.

The country of Egypt declares a curfew as from today to contain the spread of coronavirus. In Sierra Leone, which is among the 9 countries not infected, its president imposes a public health emergency effective since yesterday.

Buhari, the Nigerian president, tests negative to coronavirus while the chief of staff tests positive for the deadly virus.

Kenya as of today records 3 more cases making the national tally at 28 while 1 person recovers from coronavirus. Jack Ma, the chief executive officer of Ali Baba, offered donations to the African region and the Ethiopian airlines have distributed the COVID19 donations.

Humph Retta Reid creates coronavirus protective masks that are from the African prints. Another tragic event that hit the African continent is the death of Manu Dibango, the veteran of Afro-jazz and saxophonist who died at 86 after having the COVID19.

As of now, 45 African countries have cases of confirmed coronavirus. The death toll is over 50 and the number of recoveries is rising. The total tally is over 1400.

Virus Free State As Libya And Mali Confirm Their First Cases.

Libya and Mali were among the countries in Africa to have no cases of the COVID19. However, this changed after reporting cases in the regions. Libya closes its borders, following an order from the rival authority. The sad thing is that the health system in the country suffers from continued conflicts and rivalries.

Mali recorded cases from two people from France. One is from a 49-year-old woman from Bamako and a 62-year-old man living in Kayes. The virus-free state includes Sao Tome and Principe, Comoros, Lesotho, Guinea-Bissau, Malawi, South Sudan, Burundi, Sierra Leone, and Botswana.

Stories Of Coronavirus in South Africa And Sierra Leone.

South Africa cases are increasing as each day goes by. The rate of infections in the country is rapidly increasing. The president declared a lockdown in the country after its first cases on record. The cases in South Africa increased to 709.

As much as Sierra Leone is a virus-free state, the authorities are waiting for a test result of a person suspected to have the virus.

Governments across many countries in Africa are trying hard to combat this pandemic. The authorities in respective countries have since declared measures to follow to help in controlling the spread of coronavirus.

Authorities have called upon the help of its citizens to help to curb the situation by following the guidelines outlined.