Lesotho’s First Lady Wanted Over Death Of Prime Minister’s Ex-Wife.

Lesotho’s first lady Maesaiah Thabane is a suspect in the murder of the former prime minister’s wife, Lipolelo Thabane.  Maesaiah and the prime minister expected to have reported to the police on allegations of their involvement in the murder. However, the police don’t know the whereabouts of the first lady. This Friday, therefore, the police obtained a warrant for the first lady after she did not report to the police station.

The former prime minister’s wife, murdered. 

Lipolelo Thabane, the former prime minister’s wife, was killed a few years back, 2017. Two days before the inauguration of the prime minister for a second term. Two years back, however, the court ruled that Lipelelo was Thomas’s lawful first lady and entitled to benefits. Two months after her murder, the prime minister married the current wife, Maesiah Thabane.

Lesotho’s first lady is on the run.

Lesotho’s first lady is on the run after the police issued a warrant on her arrest. The police asked her to answer questions on the killing of Thabane’s second Lesotho’s wife; however, this has not been successful yet. Ministers say she is not above the law; therefore, she must surrender. Communication minister Thesele Maseribane thinks she should hand herself over to the police.

“One cannot be above the law. We would like to see her go to court like everybody and exercise his or her rights,” said Thesele.

She took her application for warrant of arrest to be set aside; however, the High court postponed it. The warrant, therefore, remains in force, and the case is due back in court on Tuesday.

Tom Thabane ‘s resignation

Thabane, the prime minister (80), told the country’s King Letsie III, the cabinet, his coalition allies, and South Africa that he is retiring. Others say these are just but desperate attempts to save his wife from facing the law.  Also known as the donkey’s last kicks.

It is not yet entirely clear when Thabane will be retiring, but the government says it has begun constitutional processes. After the process, the government will determine the time for him to step down.

His resignation, however, seems to be creating more challenges for Lesotho. To date, it has not been clear who will take over after him. Maseribane struggles to suggest who may take over as the constitution did not make it clear to the coalition.

“We want to do it, and it should be legally… we do not want any more challenges. Therefore, it demands the parliament to be open-minded. However, legal minds are working around that,” says Maseribane.

The prime minister’s party, The All Basotho Convention, is organizing meetings as it desperately attempts to unite to prevent the Deputy Prime minister from taking power.  The deputy prime minister Monyane Moleleki is from The Alliance of Democrats, which may be taking control. With all this, the resignation of Tom Thabane has not been very smooth for this kingdom and has brought along various challenges.

Lesotho’s first lady, however, remains to be in big trouble and waits court appearance on Tuesday. The big question, however, remains “Is Lesotho’s First Lady above the law, or will justice take the wheel?”