Kipchoge Keino is Ready for the Running Challenge

Eliud Kipchoge Keino, the World’s legendary runner is at it again. Kipchoge Keino is ready for the running challenge dubbed “INEOS 1:59 Challenge”. He says he is all set. This sports star flew to Vienna, Austria capital on Monday in preparations for the day. Kipchoge Keino has had a successful running career. On 12th October, Kipchoge dreams to break the record of running the marathon in under two hours.

In an attempt to win in the challenge, Kipchoge Keino has done the final touches well. The feat involves running on a 6-mile flat avenue where he will go 4.5 rounds. If this champion manages to run under two hours, he will break a record. He enthusiastically compares this challenge with a trip to the moon.

”I think it will be in the same place as standing on the moon, going up the tallest mountain or going into the middle of the ocean. This is another historic moment in sport. It’s like the first man to go to the moon. To be the first man to run under two hours. It’s critical,” he said.

The World’s  Olympian has promised to give his best to break the under two hours barrier. His confidence is on another level, saying that he wishes to put his homeland Kenya on the world map, for a job well done. Kipchoge Keino is ready for the running challenge since he has been practicing back home. The training involves running for 200-225 km a day. This is what he has been doing.

The venue for the challenge was selected to be Vienna because of its conducive weather conditions. It’s usually not so hot to allow for such sports. Therefore, the mild sunny weather will favor the history maker in his feat. Kipchoge Keino left to Vienna on Monday, a week to October 12th for preparations. The actual day is not specified, though October 12th is the planned day if at all the weather will be favorable

Past success in marathons assures most of us that Kipchoge Keino is ready for the running challenge. He, for instance, set a new record in the 2018 Berlin Marathon in 2:01:9. The sports guru says he is optimistic that he will make a new history.

“It will mean a lot when I run under two hours when I leave a very pure, clean, and positive history by running under two hours. My main focus is to pass the message onto more than three billion people in this world than no human is limited, and the only way is by running under two hours. And I hope that they will all look at this achievement  and be happy with their families and with their professions, with their daily lives and above all, they will keep on running.”

Kipchoge Keino is ready for the running challenge since this is a second attempt. His first was at Monza in Italy when he was so close to winning. He terms this as a preparation for a bigger and better challenge. That is INEOS 1:59. He is mentally prepared to run under two hours. Kipchoge concludes that he has a free mind and that he’s feeling great because he knows he will break the two-hour barrier.