Kenya’s Foreign Policy Failure

Kenya’s Foreign Policy Failure

Since Kenya’s independence, it has formulated policies and strategies that help the country stay out of external and internal wars.

During Moi’s presidency, he engaged in a lot of mediation within the region and maintained a state where the country had neither a foe nor a friend. Nairobi was recognized as the center for making peace between Somalia and Sudan.

Various Peace Agreements Made In Nairobi

Kenya has engaged in some historical peace agreements that can’t go unrecognized. It was the center of the 1985 peace negotiations between the government of Uganda led by Okello and the National Resistance Army which was led by Museveni.

It was also involved in the 2005 peace negotiations. This agreement was between the southern rebels and the government of Sudan. It is remarkable since it enabled Kenya to be seen as a great diplomatic country.

Kenya And Somali Relations Over The Years Till Present Day

The relationship between Kenya and Somalia was friendly and of value but this has changed as of today. The whole issue arose back in the year of 2011. The al Shabab kidnapped tourists who came along the coast and workers in northern Kenya. This provoked the Kenyan authorities and decided to send troops to their neighboring country.

However, Kenya did not know this was a great mistake they did. Having the military dwelling on Somalis grounds for 9 years made it as if Kenya is meddling in the affairs of Somali and this promoted al Shabab attacks in Kenya.

The Somali wants the large troops to leave their land. The most unfortunate thing is that some military officers are engaged in illegal activities forgetting their primary reason to be there. Due to that, the security levels in Kenya are not good enough. Just in January, an armed group attacked a camp that had the US and Kenyan officers in it.

Kenya’s Involvement With Somali Domestic Affairs

This is in concern with Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam. He is considered a game-changer in the country’s civil wars. His other name is Madobe. Madobe fought against the government of Mogadishu supporting the armed group of al Shabab.

In 2006 Ethiopia sent some troops to the country of Somalia which also resulted in Sheikh Ahmed been taken in captive by the Ethiopian government in 2007. He was forced to join the TFG in the year 2009.

Madobe later on in 2011 made a deal with Kenya, his militia group working with the troops from Kenya expelled the al Shabab from Kismayo. In 2019 elections were carried out and he was elected the president of juba land. Kenya supported Madobe despite the Somali government not being for him. Kenya’s supportive action greatly endangered the relations they had with Somalia.

The ministry of foreign affairs denied some Somali officials entry into the country and also decided to check every flight.

The big question comes in here when we ask ourselves who is going to be the winner or loser eventually and what impacts will occur.