Kenyan Tech Startup Converts Plastic Waste into Solar-Powered Freezers

Kenyan Tech Startup Converts Plastic Waste into Solar-Powered

Kenyan Tech Startup Converts Plastic Waste into Solar-Powered

A Kenyan company creatively addresses environmental concerns while providing practical solutions for small-scale businesses in the fish value chain. Based in Mombasa, Kuza Freezer is turning plastic waste collected from a local beach into functional cold storage units. The collected plastic waste is broken down into pellets and then molded into freezers equipped with batteries, allowing for solar panel charging.

Purity Gakuo, CEO of Kuza Freezer, emphasizes the company’s commitment to offering sustainable cold storage solutions to businesses involved in the fish value chain. The innovative approach addresses environmental issues related to plastic waste and helps businesses reduce post-harvest losses and improve income sustainability.

Kuza Freezers, operating for three years, has delivered over 350 machines to customers, including fish traders, poultry and milk vendors, and ice salespeople. The range of products includes static freezers for fishing boats, on-premises installations, and even portable freezers with a 70-liter capacity that can be mounted on motorbikes for efficient fish delivery.

One of the key features of Kuza Freezer’s approach is the inclusion of free installation and training for customers. Additionally, each unit is equipped with a tracking device, allowing the company to promptly monitor and address any repair needs.

The impact of Kuza Freezer extends beyond business benefits, addressing pressing challenges Kenya faces. Abdalla Ali, a fisherman, highlights the critical issue of storage in the fishing industry. Traditional methods often lead to losses due to inadequate storage conditions. Kuza Freezer’s innovative solution not only aids in preserving the quality of the catch but also prevents losses for the fishermen.

Nickson Otieno, CEO of a Nairobi-based sustainability consulting firm, underscores the broader societal benefits of Kuza Freezer’s approach. The initiative directly contributes to tackling Kenya’s food security and plastic waste challenges. By repurposing plastic waste into functional freezers, the company addresses both the need for improved infrastructure in the food supply chain and the environmental impact of plastic pollution.

Kuza Freezer’s success story reflects the potential of turning waste into valuable resources, offering a blueprint for sustainable business practices that benefit both the economy and the environment. The company’s dedication to providing affordable options, including installment payment plans, makes this innovative solution accessible to a wider range of customers, further contributing to positive change in Kenya’s business and environmental landscape.


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