Kazeem Tiamiyu: Nigerian footballer laid to rest as police face questions

Kazeem Tiamiyu: Nigerian footballer laid to rest as police face questions
Kazeem Tiamiyu: Nigerian footballer laid to rest as police face questions

Kazeem Tiamiyu

The sudden demise of Kazeem Tiamiya, Nigerian footballer has troubled the residents of Sagamu city. Kazeem was a known defender for the football club of second-tier side Remo Stars. He died at 21years. It is reported that he succumbed following a pandemonium from where he suffered injuries that led to his death. However, the residents of southwestern Nigeria remain doubtless that their beloved was a victim of police brutality.


The burial ceremony of the great legend

Nonetheless, the great legend was laid to rest tucked in a traditional white garment. This garment is known as kafan. The dress code was in accordance with Islamic traditions. Since it is in their nature to bury their dead dressed in white in without a casket. Kazeem’s burial was attended by many people, friends, relatives and most of all family. This is because he was a great figure hence had many enthusiasts.

During the ceremony, a lot was said about him. For instance, his teammate and a good friend paid his tribute. Toyoeb Gidadi the team’s middle fielder told BBC sport that his friend was such a great person. He stated it sorrowed him a lot for losing someone he had known and occasionally played alongside during matches. He just couldn’t believe it. However, that’s just life, for at one point is him and another point someone else.


Emotional support from concerned parties

The club’s president and chair to Nigeria football federation visited Kazeem’s family to pay his condolences. He urged the bereaved family to stay strong. Especially since it was a tough time for them

Alleged police brutality

Many have claims alleging that Kazeem’s death was due to police brutality. This is especially as on the day he died, initially, he had been detained in a vehicle belonging to Special Anti-Robbery Squad. As such, there is no way he was a victim of a hit and run. The people suspect the police beat him up since he was taking part in the demonstrations.

These allegations led to street protests demanding justice. Thousands of Sagamu residents took part in the demonstrations mourning the death and injustice faced by their beloved. During these protests, three people were killed. Currently, the nature of their death is unknown although the police report they are conducting investigations.

Following investigations, one of the police was linked to the murder of Kazeem. Hence top officials in the department have affirmed that the corrupt officials of insubordinate nature will be punished. The alleged murderer is under investigation.


Lost Hope by the family

Kazeem’s father still mourns his son’s demise. He says he was such a promising boy who succumbed before accomplishing his dreams. It saddened him that his boy could not travel to Europe for trials, an opportunity he was enthusiastic about. The death of his don has heartbroken him and just like everyone else he demands justice.



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