Ivorian president in Conakry to meet with Guinea’s junta


ECOWAS met on Thursday this week to discuss matters concerning Guinea’s leadership. Members of the bloc were very determined to make final decisions on how they want Guineans to be in the next few months. The country has been in crisis since its former president Conde was overthrown.


The bloc decided that Guinea will hold a by-election to find a new President. Currently, the nation is led by security armed forces that were responsible for overthrowing issues. Guinea is now a fragile country that needs much care from neighboring countries. The elections have to take place before February 2022.


Ivory Coast President, Mr. Alassane Quattara arrived in Guinea’s capital city on Friday. He received a warm welcome from Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, the former French foreign minister. Mamady is the current head of coups that sacked President Alpha Conde. The sanction took place on September 5th. The Ivorian President is one of 15 delegates sent by ECOWAS to help Guinea restore its leadership plans.


According to the ECOWAS spokesperson, Jean-Claude Kassi, the bloc’s president was ready to be involved in the talk. For sure, this is a very sensitive matter and the decision was to be very unbiased. A spokesperson announced the news to AFP.


The delegates were sent to the country after an agreement on Thursday. The strict rules were for Guinea to host elections within a period of six months. Politicians and other political leaders must meet to push the plans as fast as possible. All the involved parties have to include the army officers before making the next step. Furthermore, ECOWAS decided to burn any movement for Junta members. Also, the report announced about freezing their bank’s accounts and any source of income. This is through ensuring they don’t run to other external nations.


Guinea is looking into its situation like the one that affected Mali for one full year. Mali citizens suffered and ECOWAS managed to sanction them. The country has backslided both economically and politically. Exports and imports with other countries are terminated. This becomes a disadvantage to dependent countries.


The coup leader, Mamady Doumbaye, was silent about the decision on the election. However, the Guinea citizens are eager to get the way forward from the Lieutenant colonel. ECOWAS bloc members are expecting a reply from the coup leader.


Mamady has held more meetings with other political leaders in the nation. He is also engaged with civil society and politicians across the country. He had promised to make some constitutional changes in order to be a full member of ECOWAS. As per the trending rumors, the French legionnaire has rejected the timetable regulations.


In a closed meeting, Doumbaye told political leaders that he would only be committed to the country’s official timetable. Guinea people have suffered a lot in General; Guinea is a developing country that needs much assistants. It has a population of 13 million. Guinea has been through hard-political moments for three different times since gaining independence in 1958.


Economically, the country boosts about the largest reserves, i.e., Bauxite. Bauxite is used in the manufacture of aluminum.



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