Isabel dos Santos Files Hacked; Portuguese Hacker Says he Leaked Them.

Rui Pinto sells out Dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos, facing alleged accusations on embezzlement of funds from the Angolan government. Her wealth is because of her shrewdness in business. She regards the allegations to ‘witch hunt’ with ambitions to tarnish her name as elections are soon.

 “The allegations… are misleading and untrue,” she said in her most recent statement.

“This is a very concentrated, orchestrated, and a well-coordinated political attack, ahead of elections in Angola next year.”

These allegations are because of the leaked 715,000 documents and emails which are imprisoning. The leaked documents known as ‘Luanda leaks’ were availed by a Portuguese hacker by the name Rui Pinto. Dos Santos further claims she is a self-motivated lady, and that she has pocketed no money from the government. She says so despite Luanda leaks linking her to Sonangol. Sonangol is the oil and gas company owned by the Angolan government. Dos Santos worked for the company sometime back from which she extorted money.

Rui Pinto arrested

Rui incarcerated because of his prior hacks on the invasion of privacy. They have charged him with about 90 offenses. They attempted the other imprisoning act he pursued coercion. Mr. Pinto’s leaks on sports on the top teams has led to investigations by sports authority and law courts. Hence the investigations sold him out. The man not only stole information but also published humiliating news on the soccer teams and their officials. His lawyers petition for his freedom after his hack on dos Santos, which has led to an investigation of international fraud.

The lawyers argue his hack has led to a great discovery hence upgrading his profile.

“Rui Pinto, the Portuguese hacker behind Luanda Leaks, “is the Snowden of international corruption now,” his lawyer says.

Mr. pinto acknowledged they base his hacks on demands from people, saying it’s not his doing. His lawyer wishes the authorities would consider the plaintiff as rather a victim of demands from people.

“I’d like international authorities to look at him differently now, to treat him as a whistleblower, and move away from the punitive approach they’ve taken,” Mr. Teixeira da Mota said on Monday.

How pinto accessed Isabel Dos Santos files

Pinto carried out his hacks in Budapest. They detained him in January 2019 in Hungary when in-depth investigations traced him to vast felonies. Later in March, he was relocated to Portugal, where he has been confined for a year. A Portuguese magistrate said he was to face trial to find out his innocence. His lawyer stated that amid their client is guilty of the 90 offenses. He would face 25 years of imprisonment.

It is not clear how Mr. Pinto conducted the hack on Isabel dos Santos files. However, possibilities are he coincidentally got hold of it as he hacked into a company that related to Dos Santos. He gained access by hacking to a law firm from which one of Dos Santos then-lawyer worked. The hacker scythed on the files on Portuguese club Benfica.

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