Influential People From Libya

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Libya is a beautiful country in the African continent known for its large desert country and perhaps best known for its former dictator, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. We could all agree that every country has gone through their tough times to attain their freedom just like Libya had gone through. Today, in this article, I will be introducing a few influential people that have made a change and had an impact to get themselves in the history books.

Sulaiman al-Barouni was a statesman and prominent figure in the history of Libya. That is because he was one of the resistance leaders.

Wahbi al-Bouri is a Libyan politician, diplomat, writer, and translator. He realized that being a writer gives you a certain type of power that allows you to express your ideas but also write on history or politics.

Abdul Salam Al-Buseiri is known as the Foreign Minister of Libya from the years of 1954 to 1957. Making sure he made a change and impacted people’s life by any means necessary.

Omar al-Mukhtar was the leader of Native Resistance in Eastern Libya under the Senussis, against the Italian Colonization of Libya.

Farhat Bengdara a Libyan politician and banker who was the governor of the Central Bank of Libya until he defected to the anti-Gaddafi side in the course of the Libyan Civil War.

These people are what make Libya, I suppose you could say the country it is right now.

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