Indefinite Closure of Hotel Business at The Lake Show-Kisumu.

Indefinite closure of hotel business at the Lake show-Kisumu.
Indefinite closure of hotel business at the Lake show-Kisumu.

All Hotel businesses are at a standstill and everyone is worried. The future is not predictable with no hope looming in the air. The streets that were in the past always a crowd of people in their businesses, as usual, is no more. This follows the news about the greatest threat now in most countries, COVID-19. From the government’s directive, everyone is to be indoors always. Although this measure has had a big impact on controlling the deadly virus, things are not normal. Most hotels are already closing down and this could be because of the obvious reasons. The article herein touches some of these reasons.

Care for the customers

Most businesses now have it that there is always tomorrow. As a strategy to ensure that their usual customers are not subjected to any form of risk, most have decided to suspend their activities. The virus is said to be spreading very fast in crowded areas and there is no need to risking anyone’s life. The fact that they may not be knowing where their customers have come from could be the reason behind all this. With most cases in the country is imported, most hotels are now seeing it better to close down.

A great reduction in business profits

Everyone is living in fear of their lives. Although everyone is being advised not to panic, nobody will ever dare subject their lives to this pandemic. This has had a big impact on the hotel and restaurant business. Most hotels are recording a great reduction in the number of visitors in their hotels. Another big threat is that you may not easily have a prediction of what number of visitors to expect. This may result in great losses in hotel businesses. You can imagine preparing delicious meals then nobody comes to buy. That can be a big mess and loss to your hotel.

Compliance with the law

The government has come up with strict measures on how to curb this tragedy. There is no turning back until this disease is fully eradicated. One of the measures is to have all businesses shut down the latest 7 in the evening. This has always been a good time for most hotels. This is the moment when the business can be said to be booming. However, with the directive, they just have to go by the law.

As a strategy to join hands in controlling the coronavirus

Death cases as a result of this disease are on the rise. With the number of deaths throughout the world already hitting 16000, everyone has to take part in controlling the disease. Both the employees in the hotels, as well as the customers, could be an agent of the spread of the virus. As a result, the closure of these businesses will greatly help during this moment when everyone else has no peace. Although it may have a big impact on the Kenyan economy, it is the best resort to ensure that everyone is safe.


It is a matter of living tomorrow. With all learning institutions being closed down, there is a need that any social amenity is shut as well to help control the disease. This may have very undesirable results when it comes to the economy but at this moment it is the best. Safety first with the hope that tomorrow everything will be okay.