Ikogosi Warm Spring: Mysterious Yet Curative

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria is Ikogosi Warm Spring. It is an exceptional site where warm and cold springs merge with both maintaining their thermal properties. Ikogosi warm spring is located in Ekiti West Local Government area of Ekiti state Nigeria. The spring is gorgeously surrounded by natural and rich vegetation.

Flowing beside the warm spring is a cold spring. They converge at a meeting point. Research has shown that the warm spring has a temperature of about 70oC at the source and 37oC at the confluence. The springs sprout out and flow with a constant temperature and volume all-year-round; hence making the spring a tourist attraction in Nigeria.

Many stories and myths have been told as regards the history of this site. Before the advent of the missionaries in Ekiti, we were told stories of the mythical goddess of Ikogosi where hot and cold water ooze out from the same source and at the same time. The natives worshipped the presumed goddess of Ikogosi warm spring. Pregnant women flocked Ikogosi where they applied the mysterious water to cure pregnancy problems. The warm water was used to cure guinea worms, a prevalent disease at that time. It was also used to cure eye problems, sores, body aches, stomach pain and different skin diseases.

Yoruba tales have it that the warm and cold water were wives of a man who, after a long contest, turned into springs through magical means. The troublesome wife became the warm water, while the gentle and peace-loving wife became the cold water. One a fateful day, the two wives had a fight and after being rebuked by their husband, the temperamental wife changed to the warm spring while the quiet one turned to the cold spring. However, it is largely believed that the spring was discovered by a Baptist Missionary in 1950. The Baptist Missionaries from Europe came and constructed two swimming pools one for warm water and the other for cold water. Ikogosi then became an instant tourist attraction and holiday resort mostly for white men.

Ikogosi is definitely a tourist attraction to visit in the forthcoming holidays and festivity. Take advantage of the large warm water swimming pool provided for this purpose and other recreational needs.



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