IGP Calls On Ghanaians To Take Personal Safety Serious

The Ghana Inspector general of Police Mr. David Asantu has called on the citizen of the country to be very conscious and take security with personal safety seriously in their environments.

Mr. David in an interview with our correspondent this morning said that taking precautions measure for individual safety, families, and people around them is a major way of curbing crime and also preserving lives and property in one’s environment. He also said that a programme had been scheduled for July 2019 to create awareness and enlighten Ghanaians and the entire sub-region on security and safety.

He stressed that majority of the stakeholders including media organizations dont know their roles in ensuring law by the citizen and the security aspects, He added that all forces in the county are ready to support the GCGL program by creating awareness, giving relevant information and responding to inquiries related to the security issue in the country.

The IGP said the Ghanaian government will take personal security issue seriously, also huge other security agencies including the private organizations and technology firms that they have a vital role to play in curbing crime in the country and call them to support the GCGL progrmme in achieving this.


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