How to Find Your Blood Type?


The topic of blood type is not only scientific and spiritual but also an interesting one. Imagine the blood in a human being is not just formed of water, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma only. It has some genetic information that gives the blood its characteristics and brings about different blood types in different people. Generally, there are 4 blood types. They are A, B, AB, and O. Depending on one’s blood types, he or she is vulnerable to some types of disease such as asthma or cancer.

That is why you would hear some people saying that his or her asthmatic condition is genetic or inherited. Recently, some researchers carried out a study and confirmed that one may be exposed to the coronavirus depending on one’s blood type. People with blood type A have a higher risk of contracting coronavirus than those with blood type O.

When it comes to transfusion, doctors have to consider a lot before exchanging blood. Compatibility of the recipient and donor’s blood matter a lot because one may die if there is a case of a wrong transfusion. For example, antibodies and antigens identify the ABO blood group. The antibodies may notice a foreign antigen and command the immune system of the body to destroy them.

The Estimate Of Americans Who Know their sort of blood

Ironically, people know that knowing one’s blood type is critical during emergencies but they are not aware. More than 60% of Americans know the sort of blood they have.

How to find out the type of blood you have

There are numerous ways in which an individual can find out the type of blood he has. From the comfort of his home to visit a local health facility. The first and easiest way to know your blood type is by asking your parents or doctors. They may have the health records indicating one’s blood type or past information that might help one know.

Another way is when one goes to a doctor and wants him or her to draw one’s blood, then that’s a perfect time to ask for your blood type. It can be so wasteful if a person assumes his or her blood type during such a time. A person may consider his past results of drawn blood and message the laboratory to ask for the data. The best way is to go to a local health facility and ask for a quick blood test.

For those who are shy to go to clinics, they may buy an at-home blood test on an online shop platform. The kit has a needle for one to prick himself and a testing object to put your blood for testing since results are fast.


The Saliva Test

This test is for those who are afraid of using needles. There is no need for a person to draw their blood. According to the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, over 75% of people produce similar antigens in their blood as in saliva. Doctors say the test is okay and one can purchase the kit on an online platform but is more expensive.


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