How the churches are prepared to curb the spread of the Corona virus

How the church is prepared to curb the spread of the Corona virus
How the church is prepared to curb the spread of the Corona virus

Kenyan churches have become the main spreader of the Covid-19. Not long ago, the World Health Organization declared the Corona virus outbreak a pandemic. As a result, Kenya has suspended all the church services around the country following the rule to avoid mass gathering. According to the latest news, this is the first time in history Kenya suspends its church services. Consequently, several churches have advised members to follow online services as the government has imposed strict rules to curb the Covid-19 spread.

Church leaders have asked their members to remain indoors and use online platforms to pay their tithes and offering. Churches who have not yet suspended their prayer sessions have shortened their masses and are to spray their premises with disinfectants to kill viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, others have decided to provide water and soap for their members to wash hands while some are providing sanitizers to curb any possible spread of the virus. Besides, the congregation is to maintain a one-meter distance apart from each other.

Shortening of masses

As per the news regarding the Catholic Church in the Nairobi district, they have shortened their Sunday masses. Wallace Ng’ang’a, the District Pastoral coordinator writes a letter addressing all the priests to limit the mass duration to one hour. He as well put measures in place to ensure they avoid any possible spread of the virus. For instance, he says offertory will is to take place after finishing unity prayer.  Wallace also advises members to use pay-bill numbers to give their offering. Priests are to avoid all Sunday school and children masses. He also recommends the number of masses to be increased to prevent congestion in churches.

No more handshakes

Remember, physical contact is a primary spreading technique of the Covid-19. Church members are to minimize hand-shaking in churches. Wallace asks everyone to take precautionary measures as the situation on the ground is demanding. He also urges everyone to pray for God’s mercy during these hard times.

Provision of Online forums

As a result of the order given by the Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta, the church is taking an immediate step to ensure they comply with the rule as well as remain in fellowship with God. For instance, Pastor Obasike urged members to join online platforms where they will be receiving church services from Sunday. Furthermore, the Anglican Church of Kenya suspends its physical services for around thirty days. It seems a great idea to curb the spread of the Corona virus while maintaining spiritual contact with church members.

Observing social distancing

As per the reporters, those who what to continue with the Sunday services should keep high hygiene, including one-meter distancing and use of sanitizers or water and soap to wash hands. The African Inland Church of Kenya also suspends gatherings in churches and urges all members to comply with the rule. Besides, the Redeemed Gospel Church suspends all midweek services, but Sunday services are to stand.


The bottom line is to ensure you observe the recommended measures. Do not let anyone cough right to your face as you will get the virus if the person is infected. It’s high time to observe the outlines precautionary measures, and we will survive.