How the Buying Of Black Africans and Colonialism Fueled Whites Racism

How Africans were sold into slavery
How Africans were sold into slavery

In today’s world, narrow-minded attitudes concerning the image of the continent of Africa are so much prevalent. The central premise of the slave trade was the idea that the Africans had no power hence was inferior. The dominant thought was that the black Africans were barbaric and were used to the simple lifestyle and so they could be exploited with so much ease.

With all these in mind, the whites had in mind that they conquer the Africans and enjoy the resources they had. The history entrenched in the days of the slave trade and colonialism, which made the Europeans become deep-rooted in racism. In the pre-colonial times, the Africans and the whites were brought together into contact by trade, empire, and migrations. The British were so much biased, and so they formed stereotype images of the blacks. The slave trade was a means for these racial opinions to be fulfilled.

The Black Africans and the Whites

The thought that Europeans were so far superior to the blacks stirred the false idea that slavery was the right thing that could have been done to the subjects. So many theories came about through journals,books, pamphlets, cartoons, and speeches that is was correct, but this was absolutely an evil, illegal and morally incorrigible act that was later proposed and abolished by the pure energy of the abolitionists.

It took a spirited will and consistency for the evil act of slavery to come to an end. Though the legislative inventions came to a stop in bondage, the idea that the Africans are to were subjected to whites did not die still. Those ideas are still present today. The United States is is an example of how this thinking only serves to uphold the marginalization of African communities. The blacks in the US and Caribbean islands were subjected to slavery, and the slave trade is a daily incident.

Impacts of Racism on African

For the Africans, the repercussions are on a grand scale. The colonizers continue to extract resources from the continent and, at the same time, leaving the continent scarcer to resources. They offer foreign aid to the continent hence killing the capacity of these countries to bring their output.

In the lines of thoughts, wild stereotypes about Africa are still fueling the racism in the world. So the way history is seen through the education system it lacks objectivity. African leaders, therefore, should always keep it an objective that foreign policies shaped under the dictates of racism. And must not subdue them since colonialism neatly substituted with neo-colonialism.


As the lines of thoughts exist, the racist undertone seen in the headlines of the pandemic novel COVID-19. The African scenario is so much a significant factor that clearly shows us the negative images of our continent that exist today. The low rates of infections in Africa had baffled scientists. This whole idea and thought only reveal clearly that the slave trade. And colonialism still finds a space in today’s world.



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