How Coronavirus Exposed Africa’s Poor Emergency Strategies

Africa's poor emergency strategies to fight COVID-19
Africa’s poor emergency strategies to fight COVID-19

The world’s most dreadful pandemic has taken the world by surprise. And Africa is in total poor emergency strategies to stop the spread of the virus. The virus has got its way through the entire continents, and it’s claiming the lives of so many people within a short period.

The worlds are at risk by now. However much the scientists thrive on coming up with the vaccine for this virus. They still can’t get to the point of finding the vaccine. To control the spread of this virus, several countries all over the world have put on so many measures. Some of the steps include total lockdown, which is happening in some countries. Embracing social distancing and isolation seen as one of the ways to curb the spread of this virus.

Coronavirus in African

Due to the occurrence of so many cases and deaths of the Covid-19 virus in many cities in Africa. The leaders have forced emergency lockdowns and have closed borders. However, Covid-19 has a steady entrance into Africa. Still, it has come as a big surprise to European countries where there are so many cases and deaths unlike Africa but again, to add on, it has exposed Africans sparse emergency strategies.

Though African countries have closed their borders, it has indeed exposed their miserable level of preparedness to emergencies. Let’s take a look at the case for Ebola in Africa; the European nations closed every border that had confirmed case of the virus. African leaders still failed to have their limits with the European countries closed even after the sickness was so much intense and was affecting thousands.

COVID-19 cases and emergency strategies

In Africa, the first case was confirmed in Nigeria. Where an Italian National who owned some firms in the country travelled back into the country from Italy where the situation was worse. The citizens were annoyed by the act of the government, allowing him to have access to the country. Africans do have a belief that if at all, the travelers were screened. And quarantined earlier enough, then the virus could have been curbed. This is the same with Kenyan first case – US citizen landing in Kenya who later tested positive. And the government allowing China citizens into the country during time when the virus had been declared a pandemic by WHO.

After some African nations announcing an emergency lockdown. They are experiencing big nightmare because it’s almost impossible to provide relief services to the needy citizens and the elderly. Another mistake is for them not issuing face marks and hand sanitizers to its citizens on time. So they are now they don’t have option than to cope with the high price of the commodities and prevention materials.


Covid-19 is a war and a bad challenge to Africa countries. It has even almost defeated the developed countries with so much improved technology and health facilities.

It’s now upon the African leaders to do apt their game towards emergency strategies and planning. Possibly, through providing more health care and relief center in case things gets out of hand as it seems.



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