Hosni Mubarak The Former Egyptian President Dies At 91.

Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's former president

Hosni Mubarak, the former president of Egypt has died at the age of 91. President Hosni Mubarak who rules Egypt for the longest time. He has headed the country for three decades. Mubarak has  died at the age of 91. The death happened at a hospital in the capital city of Cairo. His leadership came to an end following a popular uprising in Egypt which lead to Mubarak being ousted by the Military in 2011.

The death of the former head of state was confirmed by the official Egyptian State news on Tuesday.

Earlier on reports had indicated that Mubarak had died at a military hospital, this was according to Al-Watan website.


In late January the former president underwent surgery. In a photo that surfaced where he was photographed with his grandson suggested that the man was in stable condition. However, on Saturday, Mubarak’s son Alaa said that the former president remained in hospital under intensive care.


Court cases.


Mubarak spent the remaining years battling court cases. He was later accused and found guilty of conspiracy in the killing of protestors that took place in the popular uprising and revolution. This lead to the former head of state being convicted until 2017. But in 2017 he got a reprieve when that conviction was overturned. He was then released.


Husni Mubarak: his achievements

Mubarak was born in 1928 in Egypt. At his teenage age, he entered the Egyptian air force. With his resilience and determination rose in ranks. He went on to play the main role during the 1973 Arab – Israeli war. Subsequently, in less than a decade later, he became president of Egypt. This was following the tragic assassination of the then-president Anwar Sadat. One of his main achievements is when he was at the forefront and played a key role in the Israel-Palestinian peace process.


Poverty and Corruption in Israel.


Egypt as a country used to get billions of dollars in military aid during the time former president Mubarak was in office. Despite all this, it was during his time in office that the Egyptians recorded the highest unemployment rates with millions of people who were unemployed in the country. Also, poverty was on the rise with a lot of people living below standards and was living in abject poverty within Egypt. High cares of corruption were also recorded with his government. Top government officials engaged in rampant corruption which eventually had an effect on the economy.


After ouster


After his removal from office leading to President Mubarak stepping aside, Mohamed Morsi took over. Mohamed was an Islamist politician who was very popular in Egypt. He was the first person to ever win the first Democratic presidential election in Egypt.


The new president term did not last for  long, as it was for only less than a year following mass protests. As a result, he was ousted by a military coup led by General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Morsi died in prison back in 2019.


Gen Abdel won two presidential elections in a row.




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