Here’s a Nigerian Helping Kids With Disabilities Walk Again


Disability is not embraced by everyone as a norm in society. Most people fail to see the ability of disabled persons. Hence, they stigmatize those physically disadvantaged. Besides, some stereotypes believe that disability is a curse from God. Aware of this, Crystal Chigbu, a Nigerian lady decided to support children with no limbs. This followed her own experience of taking care of her daughter, born without the right limb. Chigbu says that having a child with no limb 10 years ago was hard for her. People would stigmatize her and tell her all sorts of nasty things. Through it all, she managed to be strong. She would eventually start a foundation that supports limbless children. Here’s a Nigerian helping kids with disabilities walk again.


Crystal Chigbu is the Executive Director of IREDE FOUNDATION. She’s the pioneer of this organization which aims at supporting children with no limbs. How do they do this? You may ask. Crystal Chigbu’s foundation helps these children access artificial limbs called prosthetics. Through them, these children can act normally and interact freely with other children. IREDE foundation gets support from the government, private sector, and the health sector in Nigeria. Speaking on the topic of disability, Chigbu is keen to air out her views. She says that it’s neither  the health sector’s fault nor the government’s, that the disabled persons are not well cared for. It’s each and everyone’s responsibility to care for them even in little ways that at the end of the day count a lot. For a proof that people with humanity exist, here’s a Nigerian helping kids with disabilities.

How Chigbu Links the Amputees with help

When a limb experiences problems or when one is born with such a deformity, amputation must be done. This is what happened to Crystal Chigbu’s daughter at birth. She lacked a tibia and a knee cap, so this meant something had to be done. That’s when Crystal and her hubby had to accept the situation. Therefore, they work tirelessly to look for a remedy. Getting their daughter an artificial limb is the best thing they ever did. It was also the start of something new. Since the prosthetics are very expensive, it’s very hard for many people to afford. So,  IREDE FOUNDATION, through the massive support from well-wishers, provides the children with the limbs. Here’s a Nigerian helping kids with disabilities by giving them hope of walking again.

Crystal Chigbu Campaigns on supporting amputees

In her campaigns on amputation, Chigbu tries her best to create awareness of this condition. She teaches people that instead of discriminating amputees, they ought to support them. Recently, she held a campaign that mobilized people to contribute 600 nairas for this course. When these resources are pulled together, providing the artificial limbs for all becomes easy. Additionally, Chigbu hopes the program is all-inclusive. Thus, disabled kids from all walks of life can be connected to this foundation for help. She advises you to link up that child in your area that has no limbs. In so doing, they can get hope and regain their lives.

Final thoughts

Sourcing the prosthetics is not easy at all. The biggest source is a company in Germany. IREDE FOUNDATION needs more investment for this. However, there are start-up companies that have sprouted throughout the world. Disability in the limbs has become a common problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Efforts are made to provide solutions to this deformity. That’s why Chigbu decided to take on that path. I hope the article: Here’s a Nigerian helping kids with disabilities resonated with you.