Heat Arises Following the New Dam Construction In Ethiopia

Heat Arises Following The New Dam Construction In Ethiopia

Recently there is a controversial matter going on between two African countries. The matter concerns the construction of a dam along the Nile River. High tension is created between Egypt and Ethiopia. Over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and it might lead them to fight.

However, the United States is in the middle of the chaos to bring the two countries into an understanding. The United States urges the Ethiopian state to have an agreement first with the Egyptians before filling up and completing the dam. Egypt depends mostly on the Nile waters and constructing the dam. There seems a threat.

 Levels of Water Supply

The countries downstream are afraid that the levels of water supply will be reduced dramatically after the dam is completed. The clash comes in here, Egypt is paranoid about having the control of the Nile river passed towards Ethiopia.

Ethiopia also has its economic interests towards the dam. It wants to produce more electricity for its industries and neighboring countries, too, following the economic reforms that the prime minister mentioned.

Earlier this week, the US mentioned that filling up the dam should not take place before the two parties reached an agreement, and this rose a considerable debate.

Gedu Andargachew, Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister, dismissed the US statement and said it was unacceptable. The United States was expected to take no sides and play a constructive and neutral role.

President Donald Trump told the Egyptian president that his nation would continue with all efforts to end the dispute between the two African countries.

The Nile is a large river, and any country that has total control over its water has a head start. Most significant advantage when it comes to its economic value.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

This dam is along the Blue Nile and has been in construction since 2011.

It is recognized as the largest hydroelectric power dam after completion and also as one among the 7th largest in the world.

The Ethiopian government says that the dam’s cost is estimated to $4billiom and that it wants to construct it by themselves.

The dam also has a substantial volume of water of about 10,200,000m3. Salini Costruttori, which is an Italian company, is the main contractor for this great project.

Benefits Of The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam To Ethiopia And Neighboring Countries

The GERD is mainly used in the production of hydroelectric power in both the rural and urban areas. The construction of this dam will also help in the exportation of surplus hydroelectric power to neighboring countries such as Djibouti.

Besides the generation of power, the dam encourages fishing, which is a source of revenue for the country. It is also a significant source of livelihood for people. GERD is anticipated to attract a large number of tourists worldwide who will bring foreign exchange in the country.

After the dispute between Ethiopia and Egypt is over, we see how much Ethiopia is going to improve.