Guinean Voters Massively Back-Contested Constitutional Referendum.

Guinean Voters Massively Back-Contested Constitutional Referendum.
Guinean Voters Massively Back-Contested Constitutional Referendum.

A referendum in simple terms is a universal vote the electorate gets welcomed to vote on a proposal and may have local forms. In some countries, it is the same with a vote on a ballot as with Guinea.

The Constitutional Vote In Guinea.

The Republic of Guinea is a west-coastal state in the West African region. Recently there was a need for a change in the constitution that was initially present. The old constitution seemed not to favor all social and political aspects and interests for the people of the country.

Officials planned voting to occur on March 1st but rescheduled to March 22nd. Amadou Salifou, the president of the Independent National Electoral Commission, says that the turnout of voters was over 60%.

He added on saying that over 90% were in favor of the proposed constitution and 8.41% were not for it. Many people killed (over 30) on the day of voting because of the occurrence of intense violence in the country.

A controversial issue is that the authority says a few deaths happened and the voting exercise took place in peace and was calm.

International Concern On Guinea’s Constitutional Vote.

France condemned the violence and says the vote was not trustworthy. The United States says the circumstance in Guineas was not good at all and there was no political negotiation and flow of information. Mohamad Chamas, the United Nations representative to West Africa, says he follows the updates with worry.

Eric Humphrey, an analyst at risk consultancy Verisk Maple croft, says,

“The result is a victory for Conde, allowing him to stand for that prized third term.”

Alpha Conde.

He is the president of Guinea. We know Alpha as an 82 Islamic leader and his political party as Rally of the Guinean people.

The critics are afraid of the new constitutional changes since it may favor Conde and enable him to govern for another 12 years. Is this the reason behind the demonstrations that resulted in deaths?

Conde made history being the 1st president democratically voted-in since previous governments have involved the country in many coups. Was voted in again for his second 5-year term under the initial constitution.

Reasons For The Constitutional Changes.

They changed the constitution for social purposes.  The changes were to include banning female circumcision and underage marriages, give couple equal rights in marriage and restrict the president’s term to only two.

On The Side Of The Opposition.

The results of the election will scale up pressure on the opposition side. The opposition political parties refused to take part in the referendum. The debate on Conde’s moves might bring about a constitutional coup.

The President’s View On The Referendum.

Alpha Conde told the French media that by holding a constitutional referendum, it will prove or show a democratic move.



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