Guinea Protests: Renewed Calls for President’s Resignation

Guinea protests: Renewed calls for president's resignation
Guinea protests: Renewed calls for president’s resignation

Alpha Conde, the president of Guinea announced his plan to reform the constitution. The announcement attracted mixed reactions from people. For instance, the opposition who raised concerns. They claimed that the then-president used that as a bait to extend his presidency. This is because the suggested reforms appeared so convenient for him. MoreoItides no clarifications if a retired president can re-run.

“A new constitution is needed to replace the 2010 version which was drafted to end the military ruler Dadis Camara’s short time in power and was never adopted by popular vote. This proposal will be subject to a broad outreach campaign before its adoption by sovereign people,” Conde said.

Renewed calls for president Alpha Conde’s resignation

Government officials clashed with security forces following Alpha Conde’s refusal to resign from power. The citizens have concerns with Alpha Conde extending his rule to a third mandate.

In the chaotic moment, protesters were exchanging stones with policemen who responded with teargas and bullets. The demonstrators fiercely confessed to fighting until president Alpha Conde despaired and stepped down. Hence if he failed to resign, they would depose him from power and forcefully grab his seat. Especially since majority are willing to change the system. They demand that both legislative and presidential elections be held at the same time.


They enrage the opposition and enthusiasts as two weeks ago Alpha Conde suspended the constitutional referendum. As such the delay could earn him an extra year in power. This preceded his announcements on plans to change the constitution. Rendering numerous protests from unfrightened demonstrators.

Reasons for suspension of the vote

The vote for the referendum was suspended after blocks of west African states and french speaking governments failed to send observers. They accused the government of 2.4M irregularities. Moreover, majority of the citizens lamented not receiving their voter cards. Hence the opposition alleges the government is involved in electoral fraud.

As such the opposition cautions president Conde to resign before November. They insist the president should pack his bags and leave.

The government accuses opposition leaders of inciting riots

The government holds the opposition leaders responsible for the numerous conflicts in the country. As such urge the people that since voting is democratic some could choose to vote for Conde to extend his reign.

Initially hailed for ushering change

When Conde overthrew the previous military government, the citizens of guinea celebrated him so immensely. However, the tables have turned for he is condemned for his desire to extend his rule. Especially since his proposal resulted in protests thus 14 people succumbed.

The protests are steered by Sidya Toure, the opposition president, and a former prime minister. He formed the movement to rebel against Conde’s plan to exceed the ruling mandate of two years. The protests began in mid-October. Sidya strongly believes the president intentionally postponed the referendum to amend the constitution in his favor.



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