Google Developer Space in Nigeria

Google developer space
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Recently, Google has decided to launch its first Google Developer Space in Lagos, Nigeria. This developer space will be a hub for entrepreneurs, African developers, and startups. The Google developer space which follows its predecessor Google Launched Space was designed to create an environment that increases the growth of innovation and collaboration.

The goal of this initiative according to CEO Sundar Pichai is to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa. The initiative serves as a house to improve the Launchpad Accelerator Africa Program previously launched in Africa. Juliet Ehimuan, Country Director at Google Nigeria, stated that the initiative was a step in Google’s Support for developers around the continent. She also stresses that technology companies are also in support of the need in allowing developers to be equipped with more advanced working tools.

“We are excited to contribute more to the African startup and developer communities. Through our Google initiatives and Google developer Groups  we provide trainings aligned with real-life job competency requirements.”

“Goggle has introduced 173 active Google developer Groups (GDGs) in Africa, providing an opportunity for developers to meet other developers with similar interest at GDG meet-up events she also said.”

“The Google Developer Space is the next step to our support for developers across the continent. Through the effective launching of developer merchant support in the Google Play store and training of 100,000 developers across Africa. It makes it possible for developers to earn money through the apps they build. We are excited to continue our journey with the African startup and developer communities,” she said.

Effect of Google’s Developer Space

This initiative also empowers African women and startups in tech the chance to come together to derive more working models in advancing tech applications in the country. The Google Developer Space hub would facilitate expert office hours, startup programs. Women in tech awareness, training and support developer meet-up. As well as partner events that would support the wider entrepreneur and developer ecosystem.

After the review of the achievement from the Launchpad Accelerator Africa program. The program has so far worked with 47 startups since its inception in 2018. It has helped the company raise millions of dollars in investment and has created more jobs. This new initiative is also on the course of setting a new record across the country. This will enhance more jobs and introduce more unique products for users. The project will also create more unique office space and environment for use.

The Google Developer Space provides the advanced tools for a developer to use, creates an atmosphere for enhancing programming skills. It also ensures every student has access to coding, collaboration, and technical skills that unlock potentials to your goal.

The aftermath of the program

The Google Developer Space program will also be available for group project development, individual use, hackathons, boot camps, and other Google program or events. The Nigerian Government via the Ministry of Communications has endorsed this program stating it will help develop the nation at a fast pace. The previous initiative has accelerated business from 17 African countries. These countries include Botswana, Algeria, Cameroun, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, and more.  The Google Developer Space will do the same and if not more is the expectation of a firm.

Google has also raised millions of dollars and will make more when this initiative comes into full operation. The company also aims to make African a hub for technology development in the world. The company also aims at growing other aspects of technology around the region. Expanding the initiative to other African countries is a task which they plan to implement. Google has planned to improve its market in African. It also enables countries to generate more revenues from the IT industry.


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