Goodwell Investments Directs Series A to East Africa Fruits


Farming is one of the prevalent economic activities in Africa. Indeed, it provides the economy with revenue aiding to its stability. Of course, without a stable economy, nations will fall. For this reason, African countries are profoundly venturing into agriculture. Besides, because of the Coronavirus, there are no jobs. People are at their homes with the chance to advance farming.

Furthermore, many Africans survive through the agriculture sector, whether small scale or large scale. For instance, East Africa fruits Company addresses food shipping challenges to boost efficiency in the market sector. Consequently, it closed Series A funding amounting to $2.05 million led by Goodwell Investments.

How the investors’ effort to support the market

Generally, shareholders are very crucial for the smooth running of a business. Series A investor capital hastens East Africa’s aptitude for building an excellent supply chain.  Sure, it improves transport to deliver fresh products directly from the firm to the urban markets. To this end, it advances the livelihoods of vendors and small-scale farmers.

Besides, the social program provides a fair and stable market for agriculture products.  Similarly, East Africa Fruits aggregates demand and supply by promoting the cold chain of distribution. It also develops warehousing facilities, reducing post-harvest loss. As a result, there is the ready availability of quality products, especially in local markets.

Likewise, the company reduces waste by cutting off mediators, giving ultimate control, transparency, and efficiency. The $3.1 million in Series A and debt capital will help grow the company operations. According to statistics, East Africa Fruits will support over 6000 medium and small enterprise vendors. Similarly, it will serve more than 10000 large-scale farmers.

Africa Pulling of strings to success

For instance, East African Fruits promised to acquire new machinery, especially for the main distribution center. It will also build essential technology and infrastructure to collect, store, and supply produce more efficiently. The willpower to achieve these aspects originates from Elia Timotheo, the co-founder of the East Africa fruits in 2013.

Still, about half of Tanzania farmer’s produce never gets to the market, and this loss is slowing the farm to the market chain. Sure, this is because of the poor transport network and storage facilities. As a result, there is spoilage and inadequate market training. However, here comes a silver shot with more robust infrastructure, thanks to the East Africa fruits Company.

According to speculations, Fruits will now convey higher responses in the agriculture sector. Furthermore, it will increase productivity and the living standards of local farmers and vendors as well. Joel Wanjohi, an associate partner at Goodwell investments, responds. He says that the company is excited to accomplish its agriculture goals.


As a farmer, get ready to boost your experience in agriculture with East Africa The Fruit Company. Keep in mind that the company is growing fast, touching many parts of Africa, and addressing various farming challenges. Please get to the top with East Africa Fruits. It offers support to more fabulous economic and financial deals for all farmers. Despite the challenges we face in agriculture, let’s stand up and give it a shot.



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