Giant of African music: Olomide, Angelique Kidjo mourn Manu Dibango.

Giant of African music: Olomide, Angelique Kidjo mourn Manu Dibango.
Manu Dibango

Manu Dibango

The music world remains perplexed over the sudden death of prominent global saxophonist, Manu Dibango. The Cameroonian afro-jazz icon is celebrated for he is uniquely sophisticated in the music industry. His demise antagonizes his fans. He succumbed to 86 after a coronavirus attack in a Parisian hospital.

The entire French African community feels saddened by his loss. Presidents of Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Gabon are all sending condolences. His fans from the Democratic Republic of Congo are also paying tributes. Many remember the late Dibango as a legendary saxophonist with great hope for Africa.

People’s remarks on Manu Dibango’s demise.

Following his demise, his family issued a statement informing the public of their loss. Stating how sad it was to lose their Pappy Groove. They said he passed away on 23rd March 2020 due to COVID-19.

Koffi Olaminde, a famous Congolese musician, said, “Everybody knows, his song that was plagiarized by the great Michael Jackson ‘Soul Makosa’. Everybody knows that but my throat is tight because life is strange, life is really strange, Manu Dibango today is no more.”

Angelique Kidjo Benin’s award grammy winner complimented Dibango for inspiring many artists and exposing the African music to the world. She recognizes him as the original giant of African music. They celebrate Dibango for his magnificent blend of jazz and African genres. She tweeted gratifying how much the legend had supported her in Paris during her beginnings.

Cameroonian musician Gino Sitson said Manu Dibango was one of the most influential musicians from Africa. Sometime back he played with Dibango. He recognized Manu as a king. A humble and an amazing musician. He spoke of Dibango’s delight in the industry. Saying he was an explorer, always ready to learn new things. Music was his passion, just like a kid who fancies a hobby.

Director in-charge of Congolese National Arts Institute Prof Yoka acknowledges the great hope Manu had for Africa. Especially in terms of neighboring rights and copyrights and aesthetic innovation.

What caused Manu Dibango’s death?

The afro-jazz legend succumbed on Tuesday following an attack by covid 19. They passed the announcement via his official Facebook page, which shocked fans. Sending an uproar on social media. Because of his planetary hit music “Soul Makosa” many paid tributes to mark his demise. The lad died during early morning hours in a hospital in Paris.

Soul Makosa, the song that earned him prominence, was an anthem for the Cameroonian football team during the Africa Cup of Nations. This track has touched lots of lives, with many DJs across New York playing it.

Well, Dibango is and will always be the original singer of the hook. His song Soul Makosa will forever remain a masterful party jam.

The Funeral of Manu Dibango.

According to a statement issued earlier, the funeral ceremony will take place in strict privacy. However, they asked people to keep sending condolences via email. They will plan for a tribute when it is convenient enough because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.



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