Ghana’s Year of Return Boosts Tourism

2019 marked the 400th year since the first African slaves left for Virginia in the United States. The government of Ghana has put up marketing programs and campaigns to put Ghana on the global map as a home for the African Americans in the diaspora. This article is about Ghana’s year of return.

 How did the slaves come to be?

Most of these slaves settled in South America, in the Caribbean, and others in North America. Most of the remnants of these African Americans have been on a mission to find out their ancestry. Consequently, they have performed DNA tests to ensure that they are entirely aware of their roots. Sure enough, most of them are Ghanaians in disguise, the reason as to why they are on their way home.

To support this campaign, the government has put in measures to facilitate this exercise. For instance, the provision of cheaper visas and citizenship documents to the visitors has simplified this process. On top of that, giving incentives to the returnees motivates them to take part in this program. Hence, more visitors and preferably Ghanaian citizens find it easy to return home after being away for so many years. Ghana’s year of return is an indication that Africa is moving its tourism sector in the right direction.

Celebrities’ support

The 2019 year of return is now a brand that has received recognition globally. Associating it with renowned celebrities stimulates brand awareness.  Some of them include; Idris Elbar, Boris Kodjoe, Naomi Campbell, and 30 other Ghanaian celebrities. As a result, more people want to be involved in such a prestigious program. They contribute positively to the tourism of Ghana since most want to witness the visitors returning home as well as quench their thirst for adventure. The pilgrims from the visitors signify these as spiritual and cultural exercise which bond the visitors to their ancestral land. Ghana’s year of return proves to African Americans that they can always come home. Their country is ready to receive them in open arms.

Ghana’s year of return contributes majorly to the tourism revenue from the visitors. Though there’s expected to be inflation near the tourist hubs, tourism will rake in significant revenue. The reason why Ghana received the focus is that it was the country where most of the slaves came from. The year 2018 saw 900% of visitors return to their homeland. More than $1 billion amounted from the tourists’ revenue. The visitors came in large numbers since they traced their ancestry to Ghana.


Ghana’s year of return is set to open up the economy. Not only will it market the country, but also make known the business opportunities available. However, local tourism companies are likely to be taken over by multinationals since they have not expanded their services. The year of return is, therefore, presents both an opportunity and a challenge.


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