Ghana: Man Stabs to Death a Friend at Old Fadama over Business Issues

Man stabbed with knife over business issues
Man stabbed with knife over business issues

Abubakar Abdul –Ganiu has been apprehended at the James town by the police for allegedly killing his friend by stabbing him to death. The thirty-four-year-old Kwasi Kloutse was stabbed on his chest by the suspect after a misunderstanding arose between them

The Cause of his Death

The circumstance that led to the deadly incident is not yet precise. However, the eyewitnesses are claiming it was out of some business-related issues.
According to the eyewitnesses, the suspect attempted to escape. However, this did not happen as the angry traders were able to grab him and later handled him to the James town police.

Police Officer Report

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) at the Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer Effia Tenge has then confirmed the incident. He said it occurred on Monday at around five-thirty in the evening.  It happened at a place near Old Fadama

She said this after the police arrived at the scene. Kloutse, who had a black long-sleeved shirt on top of a pair of black jeans trousers and with a backpack, was there lying dead in a supine position.

Confirmation of his demise

The officer confirmed that the deceased had a profound wound in his chest. The blood was still oozing, and it appeared it was out of stabbing. She further stated that Kloutse had two more fresh minor cuts on his left side chest.

Old Fadama is an Accra neighborhood where most of the community there live in extreme poverty. The locals there earn their daily livings through rehabilitating electronics and discarded pieces of machinery. It is the largest slum in Accra. It acts as a shelter of many poor people from northern Ghana who are trying to look for greener pastures. The government has isolated the slum even when they are working towards their millennium development goals.

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