Ghana Absorbs Electricity Bills, Nigeria Warns Free-Light Fake News.


Coronavirus and the Electricity Bills

Coronavirus is still spreading across the globe ravaging the lives of many people and affecting the globe’s economy. The coronavirus rate of infections is higher in Europe and Asian continents than the African continent. Ghana absorbs electricity bills for citizens due to the pandemic.

Many countries including some African countries are under lockdown and harsh measures. There is a prohibition on business conferences in Africa as gatherings are not safe amid the coronavirus spread. Some countries in Africa are also under a state of emergencies to control the spread of the virus.

In South Africa, the economy is not in a good state especially on the sectors of tourism and mining.

Ghana Absorbs Electricity Bills While Nigeria’s Ministry Of Power Clarifies On Rumors Of Free Electricity.

The Ghanaian government is doing impressive work during this hard time of the coronavirus outbreak. The government took up the water expenses for its people for the past 3 months.

In an earlier address, the government is to take up electricity expenses for the less fortunate and reduce the cost for other users by half.

Akufo, the Ghanaian President, said that lockdown in Accra and the Ashanti area will be longer for another week. He urged the citizens to maintain the observation of measures that are on to help in taking full control of the spread.

Across Nigeria, the Ministry of Power says that the story on free electricity is not true. However, if it comes to making such a decision then the Ministry will tell its citizens in official communication.

Ethiopian Airlines Disproves Fake News in Social Media.

Ethiopian Airlines does not agree on the rumors of dismissing any of its employees as social media says. Reports say that Ethiopian Airlines has no forward plans to dismiss any of their employees.

Addis Admass, a local newspaper, is said to be the source of the dismissing news. The Ethiopian airline continues to operate in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.

Namibia Records An Economic Depression.

Namibia records 2 cases and businesses fall in the capital. Small businesses complain of little sales since customers are leaving public areas as a way to not spread the disease. In Windhoek, major buildings like the National Gallery are not open since the authorities want to prevent gatherings.

One of the barbers in Namibia says, “personally for my work, it fell a little since customers do not want to be in public areas. I do work in a salon and no one wants to show up since it has many people at most times.”

Egypt And Nigeria Close All Airports.

The two countries decided to close down their international and local airports to combat with the coronavirus epidemic. However, in Nigeria, all airports are not open apart from the ones in Abuja and Lagos city.

Egypt started to shut down its airports last month to control the spread of the COVID-19. These measures put across will affect the economy of Egypt especially on tourism affairs. According to IATA, over 137,000 jobs are at risk.

Betting Markets Lose Their Sales.

The coronavirus crisis made the European football leagues to be pushed forward. Since then, the gamblers have little to bet on thereby reducing the business of gambling companies.



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