Four Tiktokers arrested after filming prank video outside Police Station

Four Tiktokers arrested after filming prank video

Four Tiktokers arrested after filming prank video: After planning and documenting a staged robbery outside of a Kilifi, Kenya, police station on TikTok, a group of young people enticed by the promise of social media fame got themselves into some trouble.

The group, which included a member who was just 17 years old, quickly shared a film they had created called “wezi mbele ya police station” (robbery outside a police station) on the popular video-sharing website. So, this was not taken lightly by the authorities in charge of law enforcement.

The cops wasted no time in stepping in and confiscating the motorbike that had been used in the poorly planned hoax. The video showed two men on motorcycles approaching an apparently drunk man as he left the Administration Police (AP) cafeteria.

The 18-year-old cameraperson was one of several who were taken into custody. Thanks to the security footage recorded at the AP canteen, the perpetrators were identified by the police.

Commander Kenneth Maina of the Kilifi North Sub-county Police Station confirmed the occurrence and reassured the public that they were safe. He promised that the accused would face charges, including cybercrime charges, and revealed that investigations were continuing.

Maina addressed the video’s virality and revealed that it was a fake, staged by a group of young people trying to build a TikTok following. The video supposedly showed a daytime heist at the Kilifi Administration Police canteen. Several local media outlets cited his statement, which brought attention to how ridiculous the whole thing was.

At their homes in Kilifi, the juveniles were apprehended; the oldest was 27 years old. Additionally, Maina disclosed that there are continuing efforts to apprehend another fugitive suspect.

The teens admitted to Maina that they pulled the trick so they could get more followers on their TikTok account. We were able to capture four of the five people involved, but we continued to look for the fifth, and we found some intriguing leads that could lead to their arrest soon.


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