Fears of Disease Outbreak As Flood Hits Mombasa.

An abnormal condition can be caused by diseases. Everyone fears being infected with any kind of disease which ranges widely,  They are medically constructed as being associated with signs.  When there are outbreaks of disease, it is important to seek medical aid. The fear of Disease is only natural especially in an environment where there are reasons for people to be infected. Flood, Tsunami, Earthquake, Hurrican, and Typhoons. These natural disasters can result in some infectious diseases. such as diarrheal diseases, acute respiratory infections, malaria, leptospirosis, measles, dengue fever and more.

The Mombasa Flood

Heavy rainfall has continued in Mombasa has caused drainages that lack maintenance to overflow. The overflow has resulted to flood in some parts of the country leaving the people in fear. It is not surprising for drainage to overflow in Mombasa because most parts of Africa lack maintenance culture. The government and people always neglect properties until it starts having effects on the citizens or economy.

There is always the issue of political leaders not continuing with the vision of the previous government. Since every political leader appointed into office always starts a new project none wants to be held responsible for the mistakes of a past leader. This circle has caused countries in Africa to be unprogressive because of un-maintained projects create problems in Africa society.

Mombasa is one out of so many countries in the Africa continent that have been affected by the flood as a result of neglect of the nation’s drainage and other water systems. Drainages are supposed to prevent the accumulation of water but when not maintained they holes are blocked with refuse. The blockage of the drainages prevent the free flow of water and when this happens, water begins to find a way to flow and this way could be into the communities.

Flood a natural disaster to be feared;

The natural disaster Flood can increase the transmission of communicable water-borne diseases in affected areas of a country. So, this is something to be feared and should be avoided. Although some may think that its just a matter of excess flow of water from a river or drainage. However, Flood is more than that rather it is a type of disaster where water is out of control. This water submerges land areas that are usually dry. Continous rainfall can amount to flood and this, in turn, can be a cause for alarm. Flood is feared because it damages power transmission. Its primary effects include the loss of lives and properties. Such as structures, bridges, water sewages and everything it comes in contact with.

There are ways to control flood including the construction of dams, reservoirs,  and channels diverting floodwaters, reforestations.

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