Five of the Countries Most at Risk from Famine in 2020


Reports from the World Food Program reveal about five countries vulnerable to food shortage amid the pandemic. There are rising death tolls across the globe as infection rates increase. Similarly, countries are imposing Draconian measures, hence increasing dependency levels. The number of persons living with acute hunger is rising rampantly every single day. In 2019, WFP reported about 135 million people affected by hunger. However, analysts assume the number will rise to 265 million this year.

David Beasleg, head of the World Food Program, says the world is in danger of food shortage this year. Something he had foreseen after the third World War. He said despite the generous donations of $8.3 bn they received the previous year, there is looming hunger. He says they need up to $12bn to sustain the situation.

Countries at risk of the hunger pandemic


It is the poorest country in the Middle East, affected by many conflicts against Yemen Houthi rebels. However, in 2015, Saudi Arabia intervened and prevented the conflict against the rebels. The situation isn’t any better as the country’s economic situation is deteriorating.

The WFP used to help up to 4million victims of humanitarian crises in the country, but the number rose to 12 million. And unfortunately, the Houthi rebels disrupt efforts to deliver food to the affected parts of Yemen. Hence, majority of the affected persons are in danger.

In early April, the country confirmed its first case for coronavirus. World Health Organization cautioned that unless they take necessary precautions, they risk losing their whole population. Especially since the country depends on a weakened health system.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

DRC is among the African states prone to violence. WFP, therefore, ranks it as the second-largest hunger-stricken country. Conflicts in the country have resulted in high dependency levels because of destruction. Up to 30 million people in the country are victims of food shortage. They completely rely on relief.

Out of these people, 5 million are internally Displaced persons with no homes or anything to rely on. While half a million are refugees from neighboring countries. This group of people is more vulnerable in case the coronavirus attack spreads in the refugee camp. They have limited access to health care services and embrace poor living conditions with inadequate facilities.

UNHCR spokesperson cautioned that the ongoing violence in the country was hindering efforts to control the virus. Especially since they have confirmed some cases in the country’s capital, Kinshasa.


It is an exception from the other countries since food crises are because of hyperinflation in the country. Though rich in oil reserves, the state is poor. Often its citizens cross the borders illegally in search of food and medicine. Some of its nationalities even seek citizenship in other neighboring countries.

South Sudan

It is the youngest country to gain independence and one country at risk of hunger. Since independence, it experienced many civil wars. Hence most of its citizens are victims of massacres. WFP cautions that they will experience humanitarian crises and malnutrition.

On normal occasions,60% of Sudanese fend for themselves. However, with lockdown and closure of borders because of corona, the situation in the country is deteriorating making matters worse. In early April, a swarm of locust prominent for the destruction of crops arrived in the country.

If the government doesn’t take action, their economy will stay crippled. Especially since despite being an oil-dependent country, oil prices are plunging because of the ongoing price war.


It is among the countries affected by violence. The country hasn’t got on track since the US invasion in 2001. Its past 18 years and half of the country lives in poverty. Up to 11 million residents are experiencing food shortages.

Despite that, they have confirmed over 1000 coronavirus cases. They have a weakened health system with limited access to testing kits.

WFP advises countries esp. the underdeveloped to try getting on track amid the pandemic. While it is also endorsing for affordable treatment for everyone.





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