Families Mourn Ethiopian Flight Crash Victims on the First Anniversary

Ethiopian Airline

Families mourn their friends and family on board Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. They visited the accident site on Tuesday to mark the one-year commemoration of the disaster. This comes a day after the results of an investigation concentrated on defective systems on the Boeing 737 MAX fly.

The mishap killed every one of the 157 individuals on board. The new Boeing dove into farmland six minutes after it’s taking off from the capital.Moreover, It was the second mishap involving the 737 MAX in five months and prompted the plane to be grounded around the world.

Families mourn crash victims at the site

The flight had aboard people from 33 nations. Many of them working with the United Nations. Hundreds of friends and relatives from across the world.For this reason, they traveled from across the world to Ethiopia for the memorial.

Families from nations including Canada, the US, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Italy, and France went to the service at the accident site. It is around a three-hour drive from the capital, Addis Ababa.

In addition, the program incorporated a tree planting and the reading out of victims’ names, coordinators said. Police set up a detour a kilometer from the site . This was to keep the general population from joining in.

At the United Nations offices in Addis Ababa, loved ones lit candles before wreaths to pay tribute to friends and family and partners.

“We are traumatized all over again,” said Huguette Debets, who lost her husband Jackson Musoni, father of their three children.

“I want the world to never forget this horrific plane crashes…it could happen to any of us and it should never happen again.”

 crash was caused by anti-stall systems

Monday’s interim report from Ethiopia’s Airplane Accident Examination Department reinforced the discoveries of Ethiopia’s underlying evaluation. It connected the collide with the plane’s MCAS hostile to slow down programming.


Consequently, it recognized no issues with the carrier or the pilots’ management of the plane.


As a result, mistaken sensor readings initiated the plane’s MCAs  framework.It  pushed the nose of the airplane lower as the pilots battled to control it, the report said.

Getachew Tessema, the father of the captain, said his family had been filled with pride when his son started working for the airline.

The 737 MAX, Boeing’s top of the line airplane, remains grounded. The plane creator has lost billions of dollars. This is owing to the Ethiopian accident and an October mishap. It happened in 2018 involving Indonesia’s Lion Air. Sadly, it  killed all of the 189 individuals on board.


For that reason, Boeing’s President had to step down. The organization is confronting several claims from dispossessed families.



“He died at the tender age of 29. The only hope I have is to see him in the afterlife. Our wounds will never heal.”




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