Ezekiel Mutua Demands DCI Arrests over New Gengetone Viral Video


Dr. Ezekiel Mutua now dawns on the leading Gengetone group Ethic new official music video for the song Soko. The song by the title ‘Soko’ was hidden on YouTube a few days after its release. This is after the Kenya Film Classification Board, CEO Ezekiel Mutua showed his concern to have the video banned.

The video release of Soko had been out almost two months ago with over 370,000 views on youtube. This songs video was just released nearly just two days ago having a stronger impression. So many fans enjoyed the song and shared it. Some fun disliked it since they claim that some of the lyrics by one of the artists boarded on pedophilia.

Ezekiel Mutua goes after the artists fiercely

Mutua argues that he had crossed borders with the group numerous times. This comes after he clashed with them on their song titled Tarimbo released in 2019. He had claimed that this song praised and promoted rape but now insisted that Soko was worse.

“We have gotten in touch with Google, who owns YouTube.We want that channel suspended. That video is disgusting . Its promoting child abuse and pedophilia, we cannot condone it. We are also going to condole this matter with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). This time, we are also going for producers, not just the artists. Mean why you would produce such content? We will begin shutting down the studios.”

he disclosed.

Ethic has gone viral since they are the top trend on Twitter on Sunday, April 19, over the uproar over Soko. On the same, Mutua stated that he would not relent since questions are on if he would still seek to take action.

“We are going to be very ruthless. We are going to use them to set an example. Because we have crossed paths before, when they did the Tarimbo song, it was terrible. Warning was given. They were informed that if they continue putting out such dirty content, then their channel will be suspended. Now they have put out something even worse. It is promoting child abuse, surely!”

Mutua stated.

What Bad Song with (foul language and nudity) impact on the youngsters

Now that children are at home, from learning institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mutua stated that they would do anything within their might to protect the children during this period.

At this time children are at home due to Coronavirus. There is a lot of idleness. And a lot of interaction in the internet and exposure to such dirty songs, the viral videos and stuff. The CEO on a high voice said they would crack down the viral videos and only leave what is moral in the society.

As he was speaking, he stated that the content released by Femi One and Mejja’s hit song was foul. Mutua revealed his intentions to have the hit song Utawezana put under restrictions.

The CEO warned the musician to take note, and the ministry will follow the legal process to keep under control musicians who produce lousy music. Additionally, he said he would engage Broadcast Monitoring Unit to take action on the foul language. And a lot of nudity used by the Kenyan artists.

Final Words

The Kenyan music is seen to thrive so much when a lot of foul language and nudity is involved. While youths enjoy this, it is on a high note terrible direction for the coming generation in society. And therefore strict rules and regulations should be put in place to monitor all music and video produced in the country.



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