EU Announces Termination of Military Training Mission in Mali

EU Announces Termination of Military Training Mission in Mali

EU Announces Termination of Military Training Mission in Mali

On Wednesday, the European Union announced its decision to terminate its military training mission in Mali, marking a shift in relations between the EU and Mali’s military junta. The mission, which has been active for 11 years, will conclude upon the expiration of its current mandate on May 18 this year, according to a statement from the EU’s diplomatic service.

During its tenure, the mission focused on training Malian armed forces and members of the G5 Sahel, a regional counter-terrorism force. However, the EU suspended the mission in 2022 following the junta’s withdrawal from the G5 Sahel.

Citing a strategic review and consultations with Malian authorities, the EU stated that it had opted against extending the mission’s mandate. This decision was influenced by the “evolution of the political and security situation on the ground.”

Mali has been under military rule since August 2020, marking the onset of a series of coups across West and Central Africa, including in neighboring Burkina Faso and Niger. The current junta assumed power in 2021 and pledged to transition to civilian rule within 24 months from March 2022.

However, in September of the same year, the junta announced the postponement of February elections, citing technical reasons, a move that sparked criticism from political opposition groups.

The termination of the EU’s military training mission underscores the complexities surrounding Mali’s political landscape and reflects broader concerns regarding governance and stability in the region.


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