Ethiopian Pro Cyclist Set to Compete in Ride London Despite Asylum Hotel Stay

Ethiopian Pro Cyclist Set to Compete in Ride London

Ethiopian Pro Cyclist Set to Compete in Ride London Despite Asylum Hotel Stay

Trhas Tesfay’s remarkable journey from an Ethiopian cycling champion to a resident of a west London asylum hotel is a testament to resilience and determination. Despite facing challenging conditions and limited resources, the 22-year-old athlete is set to compete in London’s prestigious cycling event, Ride London, on May 26th.

Upon seeking asylum in the UK, Trhas found herself residing in an accommodation provided by the Home Office, where she had to subsist on a meager allowance of less than £10 a week. Despite the hardships, her passion for cycling remained undiminished. With the support of organizations like West London Welcome and Team Africa Rising, Trhas found the assistance and encouragement she needed to pursue her athletic aspirations.

Trhas’s transition to life in the asylum hotel was difficult. She faced challenges with the food quality, which often left her feeling unwell. However, with the assistance of community centers like West London Welcome, Trhas received vital support, including access to English classes, hot meals, and guidance on navigating life in the UK as an asylum seeker.

Recognizing Trhas’s talent and determination, the community rallied behind her, raising funds to provide her with essential cycling equipment. Despite starting with basic equipment, Trhas’s commitment to her training regimen remained unwavering. She dedicated five to six hours a day to honing her skills.

The journey from asylum seeker to competitive cyclist has been a collaborative effort, with the community center and various organizations pooling resources to support Trhas’s training and participation in competitions. Through crowdfunding initiatives and grassroots support, Trhas received the necessary funds to acquire professional cycling gear and cover expenses related to training and transportation.

Trhas’s story powerfully reminds us of the resilience and potential within marginalized communities. Despite facing adversity, her determination to pursue her passion for cycling has inspired those around her. Her journey underscores the importance of providing support and opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees to thrive and contribute to society.

As Trhas prepares to compete in Ride London, her story is a beacon of hope and inspiration, demonstrating the transformative power of sport and community support in overcoming adversity. Her participation in the event symbolizes resilience, perseverance, and the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


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