Ethiopia Establishes a Navy without Sea coast.


A Navy is associated with the sea coast because that is their area of specialization. Moreso, a Navy is a branch of a nation’s armed force designed for naval and amphibious warfare. A Navy functions in the lake-borne, riverine, or ocean-born combat operations. Now how can a nation without an ocean establish the Navy as an arm of armed force?

Although Ethiopia does not have a Sea Coast it aims at establishing a Navy force. However, they are proving that it does matter if they are surrounded by water or not. If we what to go by what a Sea coast is and the function of a navy, we would see that they do not have the requirement for the armed force. For example, Sea Coast also means coastline or seashore which is the area where land meets the sea or ocean. It is like a boundary between the land and the sea, which protects the sea from flooding a landmass. One may wonder if Ethiopia was originally a land lock or there was an event that made it landlock.

Why Ethiopia Has No Sea Coast

Ethiopia as a nation became landlocked 1992 when it lost its Red Sea Coast to Eritrea after it gained Independence. It lost access to the coastline after the creation of Eritrea’s new state. Moreso, the Massawa and Assab Red seaports became off-limit to Ethiopia. This limit was as a result of the two-year vicious war between Massawa and Assab. According to economist

Since Ethiopia Is A LandLock What is their Reason For establishing A Navy Armed Force?

Well according to a report on bbc it says, Scientists at the Royal Society have discovered that Africa is witnessing the birth of a new ocean. A geologist working in the remote region of Ethiopia says this may take 10 million years. That is a very long time though,  but then it is predicted that it would break Africa into two when it occurs. However, this is not enough reason to establish a navy armed force without a seacoast so, how do they intend to achieve this quest?

There are no laid down strategies yet but there are moves that show that Ethiopia is negotiating with its neighbors. It is entering deals with its coastal neighbors which indicates their moves and plans of establishing a sea coast. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during one of his interviews on state TV said, “We built one of the strongest ground and air force in Africa… We should build our naval force capacity in the future.

“We built one of the strongest ground and air force in Africa.  …we should build our naval force capacity in the future.” This was said by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently said on state TV.

This comment from the Prime Minister reveals the nation’s ambition to establish a navy force. This he did without revealing to the public how he intends to achieve this goal. However, we hope that there

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