Emma Theophilus-Africa’s Youngest Leader 2020 is a 23-year-old Namibian Woman


Africa’s youngest leader 2020 is a fresh graduate in Namibia. Recently, the President of Namibia appointed Emma Theophilus as Deputy Minister in charge of Information and technology. There are plenty of opportunities for talented 23-year-olds who are emerging from law school. One possibility of the President appointing Emma a specific Member of the parliament of Namibia was highly probable. However, she is equally the ICT Deputy Minister and a Member of Parliament of Namibia as well.

It is not quite impossible, though, that Emma Theophilus, who recently became Namibia’s Deputy Minister is only 23 years old. The graduate is recognized as the youngest parliamentarian in Africa. President Hage Geingob appointed her and she automatically found herself on the list of the eight non-voted representatives in Namibia.

“As a former debater and law graduate, you can expect robust debates in parliament. As long as I have the support and guidance, I do not think I would go wrong. I will bank on the experience I have. I am also willing to take advice and guidance from those that have been there before me,” she is quoted.

Emma knows that the post calls for a lot of cooperation and does not agree that becoming a Deputy Minister is an unusual position.

Why Namibian President Appointed Emma Theophilus?

The enthusiastic debate woman, Emma, has previously been a Vice Mayor and Deputy Speaker of the Namibian parliament for children in different roles at Nanso High School. She also collaborated with specific community organizations, including Global Shapers Windhoek. During those ranks, she flourished, and her commitment seems to have won her a seat in the parliament of the country.


Consequently, others have, as predicted, questioned the qualifications linked to the expertise and competency to be the reason for her ministerial position. But Emma easily cooled down these fears. She insists that everybody should learn, comprehend and get acquainted with the challenge to do their tasks well.

“I do not think I am special, I do not think I am inexperienced, and I do not think my age or gender has anything to do with my appointment. Anything I set myself to and any environment I want to work into, I can do it. The issue of inexperience does not hold any water,” Emma says.

Namibia’s youngest Minister acknowledges the feeling “I know it all” is not going to be the thought while executing her duties in the government. Rather, she will get to observe the job that has already been accomplished. 

Namibia’s Expectations of Africa’s Youngest Leader,2020

Emma claims she will not ignore the reality that a deputy ministerial position requires more than what meets the eye.

Emma Theophilus said someone must realize what they want to do while in that position and recognize that everybody can do the same. It is not a trivial position. The new deputy minister said she would push the conclusion of some crucial bills the MICT had tabled way back as her first task. Several of the proposals to be submitted provide exposure to knowledge and the related cyber law. In disseminating knowledge to the government, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology plays a significant function. 

The ICT Deputy Minister said there ought to be a change, for citizens to understand which government policies are going on and the government’s role. She emphasized that in terms of human rights, as a country, it is essential to have exposure to information and therefore, she assured her country that she would take over the responsibility.



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