Egypt Imposes Nightly Curfews To Curb COVID-19 Spread.

Egypt Imposes Nightly Curfews To Curb COVID-19 Spread.

Africa’s Current Updates and Egypt Nightly Curfew

As of today, a lot of updates have come up concerning the COVID19. 46 African countries have reported confirmed cases of positive coronavirus. The continent tally at 2475 cases and 64 deaths. A total number of 196 recoveries are on record as of 25th March 2020. Egypt moves a step ahead to impose a nightly curfew to curb the deadly virus.

Out of the 9 states free from the virus, Guinea Bissau has received 2 cases. In Sierra Leone, the suspected patient of covid-19 tests negative and the country is still a virus-free country.

The president of Kenya issues more economic measures through the national treasury to help ease the burden of citizens following the outbreak of COVID-19.

The Former Vice President Of Nigeria Donates A Huge Sum Of Money.

Atiku, the Nigerian former VP, made a 50-million-naira donation to the government of Nigeria to help combat the coronavirus. One son tested positive and is receiving good treatment in Abuja.

Atiku says, “I commend all individuals and corporate organizations who have one way or the other provided a relief for the Nigerian people. I further call on more corporations and individuals with capacity, to assist the public in these trying times. To this end, Priam Group pledges N50 million on my behalf as my humble contribution to a relief Fund that will form part of the stimulus package.”

The capital closes all shops to help in controlling the further spread and the country closes all borders and all the scheduled cabinet meetings will not take place as planned.

COVID-19 Updates In Eritrea.

Eritrea was a free virus state until it has reported cases reaching 4. The commercial flights are not on and the ban is effective for 14 days. The three more cases are from passengers who traveled from Dubai and arrived at Asmara.

As the common measure proposed by WHO, all passengers were on the same plane with victims and everyone was in close contact with them are on self-isolation. The patients are receiving better treatment at a hospital known as Villaggio.

The ministry of health will continue to watch trends concerning coronavirus besides guidelines issued earlier. These guidelines include, every person should avoid movements that are not essential and the authority does not allow public gatherings of a crowd of over 10 people. Besides, all Eritreans in foreign countries should take precautions.

Coronavirus In The Northern African Region.

The coronavirus affected Egypt the most in the northern region of Africa. The country declared a curfew, starting today to help contain the spread of the virus from person to person.

Earlier, all learning institutions got closed for 14 days and this got prolonged for another 2 weeks. The authority emphasized that the measures put on will last for only 14 days.

As of yesterday, the country has 366 cases and 21 deaths on record. Since then, all airports do not operate except for emergency flights. All nightclubs, sports clubs, malls, and cafes are not open to help control the spread of coronavirus, a disease that originated from Wuhan.



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