Egypt and Libya Welcome New Relations


Egyptian president and Libyan Prime Minister have ushered a new partnership between the two countries. Egypt`s president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, fully offers his support together with his country to Libya. The new Libyan Prime Minister, Abdulhamid Dbeibeh, welcomes support for his country. The partnership looks forward to creating a more stable Libya following its series of events of trouble. Egypt is now looking forward to setting up its embassy in Libya`s capital Tripoli. This partnership between Egypt and Libya marks a milestone to the U.N. The UN is currently on a mission to foster peace between countries in East and West Libya.

Egypt contribution to restoring Libya

According to President Sisi, Egypt is ready to extend its help whenever necessary with its resources. Ranging from expertise and experience, Egypt is determined to put Libya back on track. As a result, Egypt will majorly concentrate on construction and development to steer stability.

Libya`s stability over the years

Libya has been experiencing a series of attacks, violence, and even acts of terror. A state that caught the attention of international states like the US, who strongly intervened. The situation became worse with the uprising of Gadaffi`s forces. Military commander Khalifa Haftar was on the mission of securing the control of Tripoli. However, his agenda took a different turn in June.

Dbeibeh`s take

The Libyan Prime Minister expressed his gratitude through his Twitter account. He affirms the solid brotherly relationship between his country and Egypt. Additionally, he is looking forward to fostering a strategic relationship at the onset of this new path. This is after Egypt withdrawal of its embassy from the state and is now going back

2014 Foreign Missions in the country

In the year 2014, Egypt left Tripoli. At that time, there was already an engraving conflict that created conflict between rival parallel governments. A situation that saw many foreign missions aborting their agendas that year. However, as years passed, countries like Turkey came back. In fact, Turkey rebuilt in the year 2017.



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