Efforts Towards Solar Power in Africa by Akon

solar power in Africa by Akon
Akon Lighting Africa

Aliaune Thiam, aka Akon, is the brainchild of Akon Lighting Africa project. He was born in Missouri and raised in Senegal, Kaolack region. Akon rose into fame through his R and B hip hop music. This article talks about solar power in Africa by Akon. Recently, we have seen American celebs gain much interest in giving back to Africa.


  • Birth of Akon Lighting Africa Project

In 2013 Akon together with his two friends Thione Niang and Samba Bathily, joined hands to transform Africa. After much consultation, they settled in lighting up Africa. They would do this by supplying solar-powered equipment. It would be all about solar power in Africa by Akon.

The project was launched in February 2014, targeting rural communities not connected to electricity. Additionally, they coordinated with manufacturers in bringing down the cost to make it more affordable

Through their connections, they rallied friends and organizations and managed to raise USD 1 billion for the project. The three partners have clearly defined roles. Akon bears the brand name, while Niang focuses on making political introductions and ensuring youth engagement. Whereas Bathily focuses on the Akon Lighting Africa business matters.

Essence of Power

Power is a basic need for any community. Consequently, most components cannot function without adequate supply of energy/electric power. For example, a health facility requires energy/electric supply to function effectively. On the other hand, education requires power lighting for students to study effectively. Most commerce/trade ventures require sufficient power to function. Hence energy is a basic need for most facilities to operate. The solar power in Africa by Akon was a major contribution towards this goa.

Akon Lighting Africa project seeks to address the massive need for power supply in African rural communities. Their current focus is on solar home kits and street lighting. The installation is achievable through the relevant government tenders and contracts.

As of 2015, Akon Lighting Africa managed to spread rapidly. It reached over 1 million village households in 14 African nations. This is by installing 13,000 streetlights benefiting around 100,000 homes. Additionally, it has employed more than 5000 individuals. These people help in the repairs and maintenance of these facilities.

Challenges Akon Lighting Africa faces.

Poor Coordination with the governments

Before any installation, ALA liaises with the relevant governments. This is so that they can be directed to villages that have no access to electric power. However, in a recent encounter, they were given the go-ahead to install in a particular village. However, in less than six months, the same government introduced electric power.  Hence conflicting their purpose. Solar power in Africa by Akon has therefore not been easy.

Benefits experienced after energy installation by ALA

  • Increased Security

Insecurity thrives in darkness. Access to street lighting has enhanced security therefore business people can extend their working hours.

  • Increased productivity in leaning institutions

Due to access to light, students can extend their learning to late hours. On top of that, they can wake up early and use the energy power to study and improve on their grades.

  • Technology growth

Most tech facilities need energy power to function. Therefore access to energy power increase the availability of such gadgets like posho mills and computers. Also, communication is enhanced by the availability of smartphones and TV’s. These equipment can only function when power is available.


Akon Lighting Africa project is committed to its purpose. That’s why it has surpassed other initiatives of similar projects. The same work hard to achieve the same goals. Within two years, ALA has had a significant impact in Africa.


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