Effects of the Ban on the Use of Personal Cars in Uganda

Effects of the ban on the use of personal cars in Uganda
Effects of the ban on the use of personal cars in Uganda

The whole of Uganda is serene. The highways that have always been busy with huge trucks, private and public cars are now almost deserted. The directive given by the government has left most businesses almost paralyzed but it should not be a big worry because it is for the better of tomorrow. This is after the official communication from the president that all personal cars will not be allowed on the roads anymore.

Despite the strict measures that the country had taken before this specific ban. Most people with private cars still took advantage of this. The state had earlier permitted to carry not more than three people in the private cars but the owners seemed to take this advantage to ferry other people. The president has thus decided to make this decision that may sound very risky but there is hope that will be effective. The article below will enlighten you on some of the reasons behind the whole story. Consider going through it.

To Combat the COVID-19

All countries are worried. With the rising number of people getting infected with the dreaded coronavirus, it is key that the states come up with better control measures. As other countries are registering huge numbers of toll rates, there is a need to get the best way to control the virus. It is everywhere in the media that people should avoid crowded places. Could this mean that where two or three are is a crowd? Perhaps this is the reason behind this measure. Science has it that that places with large masses of people can be a good platform for the spread of the virus. Most car owners have failed to adhere to the set rules and this is the only suitable way to ensure the disease does not get out of hand in Uganda.

Cars Restrictions

Dealing with man has proven difficult in most cases. Although there us fear for the virus, most people still find themselves moving from their homes to businesses as usual. Most people may never realize how dangerous this could be until they are infected. With most people hardly caring about people that they interact with, the country may sooner be in the worst situation. Although most people are already equipped with good knowledge about this deadly virus, nothing much is done. The directive taken by the government to ensure no personal car is on the roads could be a good strategy to ensure people are indoors in Uganda

Curfew is now the song of the day. Perhaps this is the only way that African countries and other countries throughout the globe will fight the disease. Therefore, governments are becoming more serious than never before. A lot of reinforcement everywhere. This is the only way that will save our countries.

A Hit on the Ugandan Economy

Even as the government is coming up with such measures, there is so much that is going to be lost. Most countries have already recorded big drops in their economy. With the measures taken by the Ugandan president, things may even be worse. Almost all businesses are shutting down. Most people are not able to get to the job with others even losing their jobs. There is nothing to smile about anymore about the country’s economy. Everyone is engulfed in fear and tomorrow is unpredicted anymore. All we have to do is to pray for the better with the hopes that tomorrow we shall be back to work as usual.


The order given by the Ugandan president may have very good effects when it comes to controlling the corona disease. However, there is a big worry when it comes to the economy. The big question that we should keep asking ourselves is whether to value our lives or do our things as usual and get sick the next minute.




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