Effects of gambling among Kenyan youth

Effects of gambling among Kenyan youth
Gambling in Kenya

There are consistently raised concerns about gambling among the youth in Kenya. Gambling is economically beneficial to those who indulge in it but it’s negative effects are severe to those who over-indulge in the game. This article will highlight the effects of gambling among Kenyan youth.

The concept of gambling includes betting on sport games like football, basketball among others. It also involves lottery and casino games.

Gambling not only reward the players, but also bring about economic survivability especially to economically deprived groups of the society.

For majority of gamblers, the game is an enjoyable thing. This is because, for them, it is a source of pleasure and rewards in form of money.

Engaging in gambling is not bad, but consistent gambling is. This is because of the effects it has on socio-economic life of the youth in Kenya today.

For these individuals, gambling is a once in a while thing and loosing is a price for the entertainment.

However, there are some youth that consistently engage in gambling.

To this group of risk takers, losing or winning in gambling develops an urge to keep trying each and every time. Consistent gambling is a behavior that may be out of control for many gamblers. It is a dangerous game and its effects go beyond simply economic.

Effects of consistent gambling

Consistent gambling disrupts personal and family relationships as well as employment relations. Recent studies show that 1 out of every 5 consistent gamblers develops risky behaviors such as alcohol and other substances abuse.

For the married youth, this tendency really hit hard on their spouses. One single gambler influences 5-10 other individuals. This could be their spouses, children or even friends.

Financial stress associated with gambling put a lot of strain and pressure on the affected families.

In Kenya, gambling plays a big part in causing divorces among married youth. Many youth develops psycho-social problems out of reduced family stability and reduced income.

Because of this, many of them become addictive to drugs. The affected spouses, in most cases, wives, develops high rates of depression coming out stress of copying with the situation.

Gambling put youth in Kenya into desperate financial situations which leads to huge betting debts. Because of this, many youth sell their possessions in large numbers to settle these debts.

Gambling has also led to many of the Kenyan youth engaging in illegal criminal activities to get money for betting.

This is also a problem to the Kenyan struggling economy since the number of illegal crimes such as property theft and violent crimes is on the rise.

What is the way to go now?

Apparently, normal gambling is just okay. Over-indulgence in gambling is not. The government of Kenya should ban secondary students from betting by whichever measures instituted.

All betting websites in Kenya should have warnings put in place for youth engaging in gambling for the first time.

Moreover, adequate and better information concerning odds and gambling costs should be made available for youth.

The government should take this matter seriously and put the necessary restrictions towards gambling in the country.




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