Ecobank Liberia Promises to Improve service Delivery

Ecobank Liberia was founded in 1999 in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia. This bank has experienced fast growth over the years. Today, it has 44 ATMs, 61 points of sale and 16 branches across the country. Ecobank Liberia offers a wide range of services. Such include wholesale, retail, investment, and transaction banking services. Its customers range from businesses, governments, financial institutions, international organizations,  to individuals. Ecobank Liberia has a smart initiative in this year’s Customer Service Week. It was celebrated from 7 October to 10 October. Ecobank Liberia promises to improve service delivery after this celebration.

 Celebrating customers

During the 2019 Customer Service Week, Ecobank Liberia promises to improve service delivery. By making such a commitment to its customers, the bank is only headed in the right direction. The bank decided to celebrate its customer service employees this year. There was a need to recognize them for the excellent work they perform. Thus, Ecobank sees this commemoration as a reminder of their commitment to serving the customers. It’s also a moment to appreciate them for their loyalty to banking with Ecobank over the years. Of course, it’s a win situation when both the bank and the customers reciprocate.

The Managing Director of Ecobank Liberia, Mr. George Mensa-Asante, praised this special day. He added Ecobank Liberia promises to improve service delivery on a special day. “Customer Service Week affords us an opportunity to celebrate customers of the bank. Ecobank sees this week’s series of activities as a symbolic gesture to revive the customer service spirit in our employees. Every employee should thank and appreciate our customers throughout this week and beyond,” he said. The employees embark on celebrating the customers even in the future. Their contribution to the economic growth of the country is not to be compromised.

Embracing Digital Products

Mr. George Mensa-Asante also assured the customers of the delivery of first-hand services. This would be by delivering amazing financial products in all branches and Cash Centers. “It is in this direction that the bank is making every effort to upgrade all its digital platforms. This is to ensure that customer needs are met always. We will continue to improve our services. We do not want customers to visit our banking halls when the services are available right on your mobile phones. Our digital products are there to make banking convenient, accessible, less costly and early to use,” he said. By so doing they will support Ecobank Liberia’s promises to improve service delivery in the wake of digital revolution across the continent.

Customer’s Feedback is Important

In efforts to improve service delivery, feedback is very important. Customers should give timely feedback regarding the bank’s products and services. This will enable the bank to serve them better as well as improve where need be. Ecobank Liberia’s initiative to celebrate its customers is a remarkable step towards the growth and development of the country. Recognizing your customers in any business is a way of motivating them to continue doing business with you. Ecobank Liberia also urged customers to use digital products all the time. As a result, their bank transactions will be convenient and readily available. Feedback plays an important role in Ecobank’s promise to improve service delivery.


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