Digital Zebra Crossing Installed in Nairobi City

Kenya digital zebra cross

Pedestrians in Nairobi city ( who are the most but vulnerable road users) are now relieved of the careless motorists and drivers along the streets with the installation of the digital traffic system. The digital zebra crossing which comprises of the new traffic system will ensure the road users are safe from accidents that happen day in day out. The County government have put in place tough measures to ensure that the rogue motorists adhere to the new rule for which its failure may push the law to take its course. The reckless motorists are known to be the major cause of accidents to the pedestrians who are ever at risk of being knocked down. The pedestrians will freely cross the roads when the lights beep green. During this time, the motorists and drivers should be at a standstill until the traffic lights change to red. Since the city is known for rogue road users who might go against this digital system, the traffic marshals are vigilant to ensure the system is well utilized by all the road users, more so the motorists.

“You press and wait. You will see the blip has gone off showing a red signal. When the blip goes on, you can now cross as the green signal will be showing prompt motor vehicles to stop. The blip tells you to cross. You do not have to see or read the traffic light signal, the blip will tell you.”

“We have done our pilot project at City Hall Way, and we are intending to do the same to all the other major avenues. The pedestrians have been neglected by the city transport system for a long time but after we do all the installation, they will be safe at our city roads,” assured Hitan Majevdia, the Nairobi County Roads, Public Works, and Transport Executive.

If at all this system is well adopted in Kenya, the roads are going to maintain sanity and order leading to fewer road accidents in the city. This digital system used in the US and the UK gives the pedestrians 16 seconds to cross the roads in a bid to curb the rogue motorists who are always scrambling for space with the pedestrians. With the help of the traffic marshals at each zebra crossing point, the pedestrians can efficiently operate the system without any issues.

The National Transport and Safety Authority praised this technology confirming that the vulnerable pedestrians are now safe because accidents will reduce as order prevails. According to statistics, 453 pedestrians have lost their lives on the roads, therefore this is an effort to curb these fatalities. The digital gadgets have been installed at City Hall Walk as a pilot project after which it will be extended to all roads in the CBD (Central Business District).

Technology advancement is at the forefront to ensure that the transport system in Nairobi, Kenya, is streamlined. Therefore, businesses will be fast, travelling will be safer than ever before, and every road user will be safe. The digital zebra crossing system was the idea of the current County government so as to provide all the road users with safety as they go about their business.


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