Detective Rapes Daughter for Seven Years


A police detective rapes daughter for seven years. In Gwanda a police detective has been detained for allegedly raping his 17-year-old daughter. The detective whose name remains unmentioned due to ethical reasons is 43 years old. He allegedly raped his daughter on numerous occasions from the time she was ten years old. The detective is part of the Criminal Investigation Department in Gwanda.

Appearing before the Magistrate.

When the cop appeared briefly before Mrs. Nomagugu Sibanda, Gwanda magistrate, he was asked not to plead facing a rape charge. On 29th May, he was remanded out of custody on $1 000 bail. Mr. Bukhosi Ncube representing the accused person from Malinga and Mpofu Legal Practitioners, acquired a consent form from the chief public prosecutor enabling him to request for bail at the Gwanda Magistrate’s Court. Considering that this case falls under the third schedule, I sought approval from the chief public prosecutor, which was permitted for the court to have power over the case.

“According to the consent, the national public prosecution isn’t opposed to bail. May the defendant be granted bail on the conditions stated in the consent form,” he said.


Mrs. Sibanda granted the defendant bail on condition that he deposits $1 000 at the Gwanda Magistrate’s Court clerk of court office, that he lives at his given address and does not interfere with State witnesses. Prosecuting, Ms. Glenda Nare said the accused person allegedly started raping his daughter, who is now 17 since 2012 when she was ten years old. Ms. Glenda said the accused continuously raped the complainant until the matter came to light in April.

Father Rapes and Threatens Daughter.

Back in 2012, the girl was asleep at home just like any other day. A few hours later, she was woken up with sudden heavy weight on top of her. She woke up and was shocked to realize that it was her father on top of her. The complaint tried to scream and call for help. However, the accused threatened to beat her up if she tried to make noise or make a scene. The accused went on to rape her. Later in 2014, while the complainant was staying with the accused in Beitbridge, he raped her many times while her stepmother was away, and he threatened her against reporting the matter. In 2016 family later relocated to Lupane, where he raped her several times after that.

Miss Nare said they later moved to Spitzkop North Suburb in Gwanda, where the father regularly raped the complainant as he threatened her. She said the latest incident occurred on 29th April when the accused person called the complainant into his bedroom. When she heeds to the call, he raped her. Miss Nare said the complainant disclosed the matter to her aunt. The aunt took a step and reported the matter to the authorities. She said the girl was taken to Gwanda Provincial Hospital for medical examination, and the matter was then reported to the Social Welfare Department. She said the complainant is now under the care of the Social Welfare Department.




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