Cyclone Eloise Affects 250,000 People in Mozambique


Mozambique expected things would calm down after experiencing cyclone Chalane. Chalane hit Mozambique just last week, a year after the country experienced two other cyclones. The two cyclones- Idai in March and Kenneth in April hit and devastated Mozambique’s people immensely. The storms brought with them heavy rain and high winds to the Mozambique shoreline. More than 1000 people lost their lives due to the storms, and nearly 4 million people got affected.

But the people of Mozambique breathed a sigh of relief last week when Chalane passed Mozambique and went on its way. People expected the storm would cause great destruction. But the much-expected destruction of property. Infrastructure and loss of life did not occur from cyclone Chalane. When Chalane hit, it quickly weakened and did not cause widespread damage.

News of New Storm Revealed

But even with the good news of Chalane’s passing, it seems Mozambique is plagued with disaster after disaster. Global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions has caused the waters surrounding the nations in the south to warm up. Because of this, days after Chalane, Mozambique’s National Meteorological Institute (INAM) announced yet another powerful storm. The organization said they expected the storm to cause more significant damage. INAM reported that Cyclone Eloise would intensify onto a tropical storm causing destruction to areas previously affected by other cyclones. According to the meteorological institute, the storm would bring with it heavy rain and dump it into already swollen rivers. This meant that many areas close to where the storm would pass would experience days of flooding.

Mozambique’s Meteorological Institute provided even more detailed information concerning cyclone Eloise, even providing figures. The information stated the warm waters of the Indian Ocean fueled Eloise, and that’s why it would maybe develop into a category three tropical cyclone. Eloise would carry winds of up to 140 kms (87 mph) and deliver 200 millimeters (7.87 inches) of rain every 24 hours. The storm would mostly affect Mozambique’s port area of Beira. This area suffered the effect of two cyclones back in 2019. But INAM revealed that Eloise would lose strength after hitting land in Mozambique and travel elsewhere.

Effects of Cyclone Eloise

This week the people of Mozambique’s port city of Beira experience the effects of cyclone Eloise. A U.N senior official revealed that the cyclone-affected 250,000 people in Beira and surrounding areas. Additionally, the storm-damaged and destroyed 76 health centers and 400 classrooms. A total of 18,000 people also got internally displaced when the storm hit.

The U.N official told reporters the people affected by the storm were in urgent need of tents, blankets, emergency shelter, facemasks, food, drinkable water, and sanitation. The official lastly said that Mozambique needed help rebuilding destroyed schools as soon as possible. Mozambique’s school year begins in March, and many students missed the 2019 and 2020. The students looked forward to classes resuming and now seem to be in despair because of the cyclones. The U.N official also said health centers needed fixing quickly.



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